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Friday, 19 June 2015

Paper mache - Little Babushka Dolls

Lately, I have had a fascination with paper mache, as I wanted a way that I can move my mixed media art from being two dimensional to three dimensional. I have been so inspired to give it a go that studied up on it. This is despite my knowledge that it could all get a little messy, be time consuming and could all be a waste of time in the end. However, I came up with a Babushka doll design - complete with the addition of fabric to highlight her headscarf. 

With this particular group of dolls I painted faces on, however I am unsure about this as I like my faceless ladies that I create on my canvases. I thought, to link to the two, this may be needed on my three dimensional art. In the next sense, I do like their cute little faces that makes each doll more individual. Do I necessarily need to link the two? I think I will also add some more of the black lines, squiggles,etc that I use in my mixed media art on my three dimensional art to add some more detail and spark to my dolls.

Overall, I am very happy with the result. I have a little group of rustic, simple, unique ornaments.Yes, they were a little messy to make, but they were fun to create and were not all that time consuming. I am just hoping that I have dried them enough so that they don't fall in a heap. I am giving them a little test to see how they go. If all is good, they will become a new line in store.

Of course, I can't stop at one! I also have more ideas in the pipeline for this type of art, including boats for boys and apples for teachers.

I would love to know what you think.
~ Jen.

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