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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Sunny Yellow

It has been rather warm where I live. I do understand that we are still in the midst of Summer and that this weather is quite normal, however, after a couple of days of high 30 degree Celsius weather, it does get a little sticky and uncomfortable. I can't complain though, as it is nice to have sunny days. Quick enough the sunshine and the warmth will disappear and the frosty and wet Winter weather will set in, hence my inspiration for this week is ... 'Sunny Yellow'...

Yellow Bunny Teddy by 'Tatifly'

This girl is gorgeous! Totally designed and handmade by 'Tatifly' this bunny will be sure to brighten your life. I love her cute, spotty and yellow dress and the flower bouquet that she is wearing. The beret that she is wearing is the perfect finishing touch. Such detail!

Reversible Yellow Monster Handbag by 'Over It'

I love the fun factor that this handbag has and that it is also made out of recycled and remnant materials. It also looks like that it has plenty of room to hold lots of important goodies. A great concept!

Recycled Lace Clutch Purse by 'Red Tree Designs'

I love the lace feature to this clutch and I also love the fact that the lace is recycled. Lined with floral material, this clutch not only looks happy, yellow and stylish, but is also practical.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!


  1. I love these happy, sunny finds!

    1. Yellow bursts with happiness :) I am glad that you love these items, Margeaux.


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