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Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday Thoughts - For Dad

It has ended up being a very busy week at work. One of the main projects that I wanted to complete with the children was making some special gifts to say thanks to our dads.

We made a number of cute little gifts. Firstly we made these simple little soaps. These 'Soap boats' are simply a cake of soap, with a popstick pushed into the centre. The masts consist of decorated triangles that are glued onto the popstick. I wrapped them in cellophane bags, placing a small piece of blue cellophane under the boats for the 'sea'.

We also made cute photo ties. The children decorated a tie shape with pencils, crayons and dots of paint. I took photos of the children - a series of three shots. The first one, the child held an 'I'. In the second, they held a red heart and in the final shot they held a 'U'. I made sure that I had a sheet hung up for a background to make the photos look more professional. After I edited the photos and cropped them, I combined them in a row to make the series "I (heart) U". The children used double sided tape to stick them in the middle of their 'tie' and sticky taped some curling ribbon on the top. This then makes a novelty frame for dad with a cute series of photos of their child. They looked so lovely!

Finally, to keep with the previous boat theme the children made a boat card, once again using the triangles for sails, half a circle for the base of the boat and a rectangle for a mast. A bit of a Maths lesson, as we were using shapes and the children had to move and turn them so they created a boat. Of course, the children were very excited about taking their gifts home.

I do hope that all fathers have a special day on Sunday for 'Fathers Day' and feel very special and loved by their families. Here are some suggested activities that children could do for Dad/with Dad:
  • Play together - set some time aside to play a game outside (frisbee, football, tennis, bike ride, etc) or play a board game/card game together.
  • Share a book together - find a nice comfy place (sofa, cushion) and enjoy a favourite book.
  • Write down '10 Things I love about my Dad' and present Dad with your encouraging thoughts.
  • Make up a treasure hunt for Dad to follow.
  • Make a special meal or treat for Dad - make up special table decorations to show that this meal is special.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - For Dad

This weekend marks 'Fathers Day' in Australia. I must admit, it has tip-toed up on me this year and I am still busy making cards and organising some handmade goodies for my father and father-in-law.

I thought that I would peruse the lovely items at Madeit to inspire me...

Fathers Day tin by 'The Whimsy Wood'

My father loves to collect things. Here is a handy idea where Dad can store bits and pieces or those special mementos. I love the simple design and I also love how this gift is stunning to look at and practical.

Moustache cufflinks by 'Alexa Lane'

If your father is more of a business type, how about these stunning cufflinks? Alexa Lane have a wide variety of cufflinks to choose from and beautifully gift boxed. Cufflinks would make a lovely little gift for Fathers Day, birthdays, anniversaries or as wedding presents to the groom/groomsmen.

Rustic Beach set of photos by 'Hey Harriet's Photography'

If Dad is a bit of a nature lover, maybe he would appreciate this photo set. What a lovely, peaceful beach scene! I also love the border - it makes it look like you are looking through the lens. It would be great for a house by the beach.

Fathers Day Card by 'Blue Butterfly Cards'

Finally, time to show a card that would be wonderful to match a Fathers Day gift. I love how all the elements of this card work together: the letters on the string, the stars, the banner and the colour combination. Not only is it a card, but it is work of art!

I wish all fathers a wonderful and special weekend. I hope that these items inspire you to spoil your father!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Monday in the making

Over the weekend, I managed to design and create a new idea...

I developed a plush banner to team up with my tie headbands to create a photography pack for a newborn child. I wanted to develop a 'pack' that could be given to a new parent or a mum-to-be for their baby shower. This banner could be placed in front of the infant or hung up near them in a photography shoot. The banner could be displayed in the child's nursery after the photographic shoot. The banner is handstitched using wool felt and stitched to a sparkly white ribbon. Each letter is embellished wtih clear beads with a white heart stitched around the beading. I have ideas to make up a baby girl pack, a baby boy pack and a pack that would be suitable for a boy or girl. I would love to hear your feedback.

Have a great week!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekend Wonders

This weekend has been more of a 'normal' weekend for me. It is hard to believe that it was only last weekend that I was busy with a market. Time flies! However, it was great to have a more relaxed pace weekend. I needed a chance to slow down and have a chance to catch up on a few things.

It is getting towards the end of term, therefore, assessment and reporting is pushing its way to the top of my list, so I spent quite a bit of time working. However, I did get a chance to finish a new project of mine and do a bit of a photography shoot with it. I look forward to sharing it with you tomorrow.

It is still very cold here, although the plants are thinking that it is Spring. I did get outside for a little bit to prune some of the roses. I must admit, I am looking forward to a little more sunshine and warmth.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Thoughts - Book Week

It has been one of my favourite weeks of the whole year - Book Week. It has been a week of delving into books that have been shortlisted for awards by the Australian Book Council and there have been a number of interesting and fun books to read this year. Perfect to promote reading in young children! The children that I work with have enjoyed the stories, but it is also a great opportunity to teach and highlight literacy features. Here are just a few ideas that we looked at that you could use with any book with your child:

  • Firstly, teaching the enjoyment in reading. I enjoy using different voices for the different characters in the story. How you use your voice is important in story reading - quieten your voice for sombre moments in the story or when there are moments of suspense, then read more quickly and loudly when there are moments of action or excitement in the story. Don't be afraid to pause to add emphasis to a suspense-filled moment. It makes the story so much more interesting.
  • Model what you 'do' when you read by 'thinking aloud'. Read the title of the story and look at the front cover and chat about what you think that the story could be about (eg. 'Hmm, the title of the story is "Come down, Cat" and I can see a picture of a cat and a boy up on a high place. Maybe this is a story about a cat being stuck somewhere. I wonder why the cat is up so high?, etc). Talk about how you work out words and what is happening in the story (eg. {everywhere} "Wow, this word looks a bit tricky. I could try to look for little words in this big word. I can see the word 'every' and I can see the word 'where'. This word could be 'everywhere'. Maybe I will try that word in the sentence to see if it makes sense...").
  • We looked at what an 'illustrator' does. We read the book 'Run Away Hug' by Nick Bland - a book that 'Freya Blackwood' has illustrated. We attempted her style of illustrating, by drawing pictures with lots of lines.
  • We focused on the similies in 'That's not a daffodil' by Elizabeth Honey. We made up our own daffodils and wrote what they looked like (eg. My daffodil looks like a ...).
  • We looked at alliteration - a series of words starting with the same sound - in 'For all creatures' by Rebecca Cool and Glenda Millard. We wrote a short list of things that start with the same sound and used them as a basis in a simple thank you prayer.
I hope that these ideas encourage you to delve into a book this weekend :)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Reading

At work, we have been celebrating 'Book Week'. This is one of my favourite times of the year as we focus on the latest stories (in my case picture books) and do some different Art/Craft, language and literacy focused activities.

I am really pleased that the books that have been chosen this year have wonderful and fun themes for children, including gardening, growth, family, love, bravery, pets, thankfulness, fantasy and imagination. Hence 'reading' is my inspiration for this week...

Magnetic Bookmark by 'Sparrowhawk Designs'

Of course, when you think of books, you think of bookmarks and this is such a cute design. This simply folds over the page of your book and is held together by two magnets. I also love the two tone pink flower design. A perfect little gift to pop in with a card.

Kindle case by 'Ambette'

For those that are a bit more technological when it comes to reading, 'Ambette' creates these gorgeous, felt kindle cases. A simple design, but eye catching. 'Ambette' makes these covers in a range of colour combinations, however, this one would be perfect to give to a father, husband or brother.

Felt Baby Book by 'You Make Me...Me'

What a great item to foster reading in the most youngest of readers. This item is a bright, colourful, felt book that contains a lot of sea creatures, words and their pictures. I love the bright colour combinations on each page and the cute little characters. An educational and fun gift for a little one.

Outer space bookends by 'Turtle Velocity'

To hold all of your lovely books up, check out these gorgeous bookends. This one features a space theme, but there are others including rockets, fish, dinosaurs, lighthouses, etc. The characters are so fun and cute - perfect for a little ones library or bedroom.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday in the making

As mentioned in previous posts, it has been a rather busy week or two, preparing for a market. Here are some of my most recent items...

I had a lovely time photoshooting some of my products yesterday, in particular, these tie headbands, my latest product. These soft headbands are designed to tie around a baby, toddler, child or even adult's head. They look particularly gorgeous for newborn photoshoots. They could also be used for special occasions.

I also finished stitching this country lass. Introducing 'Jill'...she is solo at the moment as I am currently stitching her partner, Jack. Her body is handstitched with felt, wears a red and white gingham shirt, calico pants and brown felt boots. Her look is complete with a beige, felt hat. All items are stitched on.

I am itching to get into my 'Tupsy Tees'. I was so disappointed that I could not get a range completed before the market on the weekend. However, they are definitely on my list to complete. I am also  desiring to add to my cushion and canvas collection. I had a number of designs ready to roll, but then the markets arrived and have not had a chance to get back to them. Lots of ideas on my list!

Have a super week!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Weekend Wonders - My 'Oscars' speech

It has been super busy weekend (let alone lead up week). This is the reason why...

...the final market (for a little while at least). Once again, Tupsy Turvy Designs made the trek over to Hamilton, this time for the inaugural 'Bubs2Teens' market. Armed with a few new goodies, this market was a HUGE success. It was also a market where a variety of items sold (not just the latest products).

This market also had a Fashion Parade to show the wares of some of the stall holders. Tupsy Turvy Designs show cased two tutus, modelled by two (very tiny) models. The conveners of the market organised my models to parade the tutus with a troupe of older ballerina dancers, complete with 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' playing. So cute!

So here goes my Oscars' speech... A big thank you to Ali & Michelle for the idea and organisation of such an awesome market, to my darling Mr T who faithfully travels with me, helps with setting up/packing and who manned the stall as I was busy with the Fashion Parade. A huge thank you to Melissa, Deb, Miss R for travelling to Hamilton especially to show case my products - your support means so much to me and to Miss R and Miss I who were very brave to model my tutus in front of lots of people - you were gorgeous! Finally, a big thank you to my customers and all that stopped by to have a look and a chat. It was a fantastic and fun day! We will be back (end of speech).

I will show some photos of some of the latest products that I have completed tomorrow!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Stress Less

It has been a little busy at Tupsy Turvy...

...with a market to prepare for (after completing two other markets) and a full time job, life can be busy. Despite the 'busyness' it's always nice to spend a few moments relaxing - being with a cuppa, glass of bubbly, hot bath, craft or chat with a friend. The body needs some 'time out'. Therefore, I have put together some inspirational products to help relaxation.

Babushka wheat/lavender heat pack by 'Choochie Bubble'

Simply gorgeous! A heat pack that is filled with wheat and relaxing lavender will help with lovely sleep and soothed muscles. Not only practical, but a gorgeous item to cuddle. 'Choochie Bubble' have a range of beautiful heat packs, including owls and dogs.

Sweet Lemon Soap by 'From My Hearth'

I love hand crafted soap! Often they are made with 'nice' ingredients that truly look after your skin. I love the look of 'From My Hearth' soaps and I can only imagine the glorious smells. Hand crafted soaps have 'flavours' that you can't buy commercially. Invigorating lemon and citrus is one of my favourite scents.

Coffee Cuff by 'Monkey and Bee'

There is nothing like a cup of coffee to unwind and sometimes a takeaway coffee when I am out and about hits the spot (eg. at a market). I have had the pleasure of purchasing coffee cuffs from 'Monkey and Bee' that protect hands from piping hot coffee, besides that they look stunning! I love the pattern on this cuff. A perfect gift for a coffee lover.

Gingerbread House Soy Candle by 'Kitchen Aromas'

What a delicious way to unwind! I can imagine this candle in the bathroom, whilst enjoying a hot bath, filling the room with the delicious smell of Gingerbread. There are a number of 'baked goodies' to choose from. A perfect gift for the 'hard-to-buy-for' person.

I hope these items inspire you. Have a relaxing rest of the week!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday in the making

There is a market coming up and I am busy creating. Here are some of my latest creations...

I have made up a range of hair pins - either with an antique, silver or gold base, embellished with a coloured rose. So sweet!

Similarly, I made up three collections of rings. These rings fit most and are adjustable. One set is embellished with a coloured rose (as above). Another set are coloured filigree rings that are embellished with a small coloured rose. The final set has an antique base that are embellished with a square 'stone'.

I have turned my newest fabric flower design into clips (as above) and as headbands (below). I love how these have turned out. Very glamorous!

Better get back to making! I hope to show you more soon...

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Weekend Wonders

This weekend has been quite busy...

...not only was the weekend used for the 'catch up chores' that usually occur on the weekend, but I squeezed in as much time for crafting as possible. Amongst all this, my husband and I briefly visited a church fete and helped to deliver a presentation at our church. Hence today, I broke my 'crafting code' and spent this afternoon crafting away.

What did I create?

Accessories! I made up two styles of rings and made up a range of hair pins. I just love the colours and the flowers (I'll show photos tomorrow). I did make up a ring for myself and am very tempted to keep a few hair pins for myself, but I will wait until after the market next weekend.

I have also been busy attaching fabric flowers to headbands and clips. I have created a few 'tie headbands' that look so sweet in photography.

What's on the list for this week?
Lots! Headbands, tutus and an order for a bag tag.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Flowers

August is a busy month...

...not just with the amount of markets that I am attending this month, but it seems like a lot of family and friends have their birthday's occurring in August.

One such, dear person is my mother. Mum lives approximately eight hours away, so catching up with her in person is not a frequent occurrence, however, phone calls make the distance somewhat shorter.

There is a special little something (be it a little crafty) in the post to my Mum - 'Happy Birthday'. My Mum loves gardening and plants and flowers are a reminder of her. Hence my inspiration for this week...

Flower Rattles by 'Ollierose'

Aren't these cute? I love their smiling faces and the colourful petals. They look just right for a little one to hold. So bright and colourful!

Pink Flower bag tag by 'Top Shelf Jewellery and Accessories'

How eye catching! I love the transparent pink flower with interspersed with the solid pastel pink beads. This could be hooked onto any bag - be it a child's or a handbag.

 Flower Embellishments by 'Magpie House'

A very creative design! Different sized paper flowers, layered upon one another to make a flower embellishment. I like the type of paper - simple white paper with words, as if straight from a book, beautifully 'aged' on the edges. This would look stunning on a handmade card or decorating the edge of a photo frame that is housing sepia toned photos.

Flower embellishment pack by 'Elsie & Grace'

Forgive me for adding another paper embellishment, but how life like are these! The detail in the embossing, cutting and folding/shaping is amazing. Not only could they be used on a card, but they could be used to decorate a number of items or decorate the top of a special present.

I hope that these ideas also inspire you!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday in the making

Over the past week I have been making up tutus for an order. Unfortunately, I did not photograph it, hence I can't show it to you...sorry. However, it was an order for two pink tutus, very similar to this one:

I have also experimented with new fabric flower design. I bought up some fabric over the weekend and have created this:

I am so pleased with how this design has turned out. I am now going to make a batch of these floral designs as headbands and/or clips. I particularly love these - I love the purple colour, matched with the bright green. It reminds me of a passionfruit flower. I can't wait to try the same design out with other colours.

My aim this week is:

  • Make up some more flower headbands.
  • Get my 'Tupsy Tees' t-shirt designs going.
I have a market in a fortnight's time and I want to boost up my stock with these new goodies. I also have something else arriving in the post...I'm constantly creating!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Weekend Wonders

It has been a cold and blustery weekend. Today, the rain has pelted down in gusts of winds. Far too cold to go outside.

Well, I was outside for quite a bit of time yesterday at an outdoor market. Although it didn't rain, the wind cut through and did make keeping items on a stall displayed difficult. The pockets of sunshine did provide a little warmth.

This market wasn't the most profitable one for me, sales wise, however, it was a lovely opportunity to catch up with my sister-in-law, her husband and daughter. I do have another market in a fortnight's time, that has been thoroughly organised and also provides support for their sellers, so I hope to do much better then. However, every market is different and despite feeling a little discouraged, I have regrouped and refocused and are now preparing for this upcoming market. I think it also highlights what is achievable for me. Three markets in such short succession is not the most ideal situation, so I will consider a different time frame next time round.

Craft wise, I have purchased a number of items to make more (and some new) products. I did buy some gorgeous hand dyed wool in a variegated pink and grey tone, which will look lovely knitted up as a scarf. I have created a new fabric flower design, incorporating the new 'singeing fabric technique' which is popular at the moment. I have a hankering to make headbands so I aim to make a few more tonight, using these flowers. I hope to share some photos of these tomorrow.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Knitting Inspiration

I love a range of crafts...

Lately, I have been taking my knitting into work and knit during the brief morning break that I get. It is amazing how a few rows each day mount up. My scarf is progressing just nicely. It is also wonderful that a friend and work colleague of mine has also picked up the yarn and needles and is giving a project a go. It is difficult and hard to coordinate at first, but with persistence, it all becomes second nature. Therefore, this week I am inspired by knitted projects...

Amelia the knitted bear by 'Sam and Charlie'

Sam and Charlie create the most adorable knitted rabbits and bears. I adore the cheeky grin that 'Amelia' has and her frilly dress. What a great toy for all ages.

Pink beanie by 'Kids Creations'

I love the pattern that is knitted into this beanie, adding a textural look and a feminine touch. The flower sets off the beanie just lovely. A sweet item to add to a little girl's wardrobe.

Knitted Tube Glass Teardrop necklace by 'Artefacts'

Have you thought about knitted items as a jewellery item? I love this unique item! The glass teardrop teamed with the tones of orange and brown. A very eye catching item.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!