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Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday - in the making

Firstly, I apologise...

I was unable to add to my blog over the weekend as I had a tummy bug. It seems to be the way...plenty of things that need to be accomplished and then 'bam', stuck in bed for a whole day. The good news was that it was just for a day! Complete bed rest was just what my tired body needed.

This meant I was able to get back to work on Sunday (to catch up on the things that I wanted to do Saturday). I also made a bit of time to relax and design another little princess, this time with curly, black hair. She won't take much longer to finish.

I have quite a few different ideas for bag buddies to develop a bit of range. What type of bag buddy would you like to see? I would love to know.

Keep well and have fun crafting!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday thoughts - Christmas colours

We haven't put up any decorations as yet. Both Mr T and myself have been flat out with work. It is such a pity that this time of year is so busy because I love dwelling in the finery of Christmas.

When thinking about decorating for Christmas, I can't go past the traditional colours - red, green and gold. Sure there are other colour combinations that look very beautiful. I particularly like the purple and silver combination... but there is something about the red and green that speaks 'Christmas'.

Hence, with my latest stitching of Cutie Bugs I dabbled with the red and green...

They could be used to keep little locks in place on Christmas Day or for Christmas parties.

Other red and green finds that I happened to spot on MadeIt include:

I hope you feel a little more inspired by red and green. Happy Crafting!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday - in the making

I have been busy working on another bag buddy creation, this time a little princess...
She's not quite finished as I still have some more stitching to do, however, she is progressing quite nicely. She should be in the shop fairly soon!

I hope your creations are progressing nicely!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekend Wonders - Run, run, running!

It is good to sit down...

Today, Mr T and myself participated in a 'Fun Run' today - the first 'running' event for both of us. I had to stop and walk a few times (only three!) as some of the hills knocked me around a little. I was quite puffed by the time I stopped running and walked the first time, but once I started running again, I managed to settle myself into a comfortable pace. I tried to keep myself focused - achieving little goals along the way.

I was very proud of Mr T's effort. Although I managed to cross the line in front of him (not that I'm competitive...) he was only around 20 minutes behind me.

I feel like I'm running at the moment...just keeping pace with things. It is such a busy time of year! It is busy at work, with items that are due in the next couple of weeks (overtime work) and things to organise. I am also participating in a market in a fortnight's time and although I am sharing the stall and providing a limited amount of items, I would dearly like to have a few more items finished.

But I suppose it is all about pacing - chugging away at the things that need to be completed and doing what I can. Focusing and completing my work items (although I feel less motivated by them) will mean more time spent on craft (which I enjoy). It is important, though,  to spend time relaxing in the midst of it all.

Speaking of racing around...a new boy racer added to the store.
I hope your weekend wasn't as fast paced and that you could spend some lovely hours crafting!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday thoughts - Feeling Funky

I went out of my comfort zone today... well maybe just a little.

It was 'Funky Friday' at my work place today. The aim was to dig through your wardrobe, pull out something a bit more 'out there' than the usual work garb and wear it in public.

I am here to say that dress ups are not my most favourite thing. I opted for a flowing aqua, brown and cream patterned top with a tie around the midriff, with three quarter length demin pants. My hair was styled in two, low pony tails...aiming for a more 'hippy' look. It was a bit more 'out there' (well...at least for me), but I still felt reasonably comfortable.

It is safe to say that the colour schemes and styles of clothing that people wore to work today were a little more bright and more eyecatching. Which promotes the thought...colour combinations...which ones work well?

At the moment I am loving what I term 'Watermelon colours' - pink and green. I haven't long completed a pair of 'Cutie bug hair clips' using that colour scheme. The classic pink and purple also work well together. A colour combination that I hadn't previously thought of until I saw it combined on a fabric design is chocolate brown, beige and teal. I have also made a pair of 'Cutie bug hair clips' using that colour combination.

I love pairing colours with each other and the combinations are almost endless. What are your favourite colour combinations? I would love to know.

Happy crafting with those colours!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday - in the making

Ahh coffee...I love it! I love the smell and the taste. There is something glorious about the smell of a Coffee Shop.  As I speak, Mr T is making me a cup of deliciousness.

Meeting a friend over coffee is also an enjoyable activity for me. I meet up with a good friend and her baby daughter Friday afternoons for a chat - discussing the happenings of the week, sharing ideas and giving each other encouragement.

As is the case with a few of our coffee meetings, I walk away afterwards with a new idea to craft. It was when I was watching the baby play at one of our meetings, that I thought I could make up a grasping toy, hence the birth of 'Wonky Worm'.

At our last meeting, my friend showed me one of her daughter's toys - one that can be placed around baby's wrist. Over the weekend I put pencil to paper and have developed a 'Birdie Baby Bracelet'.

'Birdie' is still very much a work in progress, but I hope to show you all very soon the finished product. In the meantime, I would like to get some more Cutie bug clips and Bag buddies made up.

Anyway, it's time to go and put the kettle on. You never know what ideas will develop!

Happy crafting!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekend Wonders - Not too late

I'm running a little behind in schedule.

My Friday post for this blog was posted rather late and just scraped into Friday! If I think too much about all the things that need to be completed by mid December (or before) I could hide in a cupboard and refuse to come out until New Year!

Yes, time is flying by but I am refusing to let time frames and stress take over me. I love growing organic vegetables for us to eat, but lately my poor garden has been playing second fiddle to my craft. So today, Mr T and myself spent the afternoon in the garden, planting some tomatoes, basil and marigolds for Summer. I thought I better plant some before it is too late.

I also harvested our garlic...

Yes...it should last us quite a few months.

Crafting is another activity I like to do to take some time out from busy schedules and demands. Over the weekend I finished the 'Watermelon coloured' (Pink and Green) cutie bug hair clips and have listed them in my MadeIt store. Tomorrow, I will share something else that I have been working on over the weekend.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday Thoughts - What has caught my eye?

There are just over six weeks until Christmas. I love finding just the right item for friends and family, but I do dislike the hustle and bustle of shopping centres and the commercial feel to Christmas. Instead, I like to reflect on why we celebrate Christmas. Gift giving (and receiving) isn't a huge focus, however, I do like to provide a little handmade something.

This year I discovered 'MadeIt'...so instead of trying to finish all manner of handmade gifts by December 25, I am starting to peruse through 'MadeIt' to see if I can have a few other crafty people help me with gift making. Here are just a few items that have caught my eye...

Pin cushion by 'Plushka'

Coasters by 'Monkey and Bee'

Cute little set by 'Little Poppet by Ali'

Check out more gift ideas by clicking the 'MadeIt' button. Registration to buy items is free and there is a wide range of crafts and gift ideas.

Have fun browsing!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday - In the making

As mentioned earlier, I love making 'critters'. An item that is fast becoming my favourite is the 'bag buddy' design. I have already designed a teddy bear bag buddy (which is available in my MadeIt store), however, I feel a range of bag buddies happening!

I have just about completed a 'boy racer' bag buddy.

Complete with his helmet, sunglasses and cheeky grin, this boy racer is just about ready to zoom off!

I hope to finish stitching him tonight and add him to my MadeIt store. He may soon have a few buddies joining him on the starting grid!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Weekend Wonders - Oh Goodie!

Presents and surprises...I love them and it's not even my birthday.

Today I spent a lovely day with my sister-in-law, her husband and baby. We enjoyed checking out a market and had some time in the afternoon to browse through a craft shop to stock up on supplies.

I even received a little present...

I was given some little pieces of fabric perfect for my creations, but too small for Ali to use anymore as she makes bigger items. I love the colours and patterns! Oh goodie...oh the possiblilities!

Thanks again Ali!

You can check out Ali's wonderful creations at her MadeIt store www.madeit.com.au/LittlePoppetByAli

Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday Thoughts - I've found it!

No, I didn't lose anything.

I was crafting a boy racer bag buddy last night (yes... a new design) when a thought struck me - this is what I enjoy doing. Yes it was sewing, creating and all the things that I enjoy doing.. rather it was what I was doing.

I figured out that I enjoy creating 'critters' most of all - teddies/soft toys, cutie bug clips, bag buddies... anything that becomes a 'form' - a little 'toy life' as such. It's not that I don't like creating other items such as cards, etc, but it does give me a thrill when I finish a little critter and it looks back at me with its quirky smile and toy eyes.

Have you found your niche? What do you enjoy crafting?

Enjoy your weekend!