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Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday in the making

I have been enjoying completing a couple of custom orders over the last few weeks. I posted up a black Scotty Dog Bag Buddy that I stitched up for such an order. Now I am in the process of making a similar dog Bag Buddy, however, this time the beard is grey. What do you think?

It just needs to be stitched together ...

I hope to make some more Bag Buddies soon, particularly as school has returned, as they would make an ideal gift for a student. Maybe some more different designs...

Happy crafting!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weekend Wonders - Ideas vs Products

Holidays are wonderful!

Not only are they the perfect opportunity to unwind physically but they are also a great opportunity to unwind mentally.

I have enjoyed my summer break and as mentioned before, I have now entered back into the 'real' world and started another year of work. I love creating anytime of the year, however, I find that I have my creative thoughts and ideas during holiday time. Maybe this is because my mind isn't flooded by other things that need to be completed, allowing creativity to rise to the surface.

The only problem with that, is that now I have lots of lovely, creative thoughts but what do I do with them? Sure, I could make them all (and that would be fine) but is there a need to extend an existing line and add variety to it? For example, I have created a bunny, cat and teddy design, but at the moment there is only one colour to choose from. Maybe there is a need to make more of the same design but in different colours. Also, I recently asked about what other bag buddies customers would like to see and was given some wonderful ideas on Tupsy Turvy Designs facebook page. I would love to get into making these designs, but do I add variety to the designs that I have developed at the moment. I would be interested to know your thoughts...do you make 'one of a kinds' or do you make multiples of the same design, but in various colours or with some variations?

Don't worry though... I have recorded down these ideas, ready to launch at a later time. I hope that you have had a lovely weekend!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday thoughts - Finding balance again

There are many things in life that I enjoy...

I like crafting and stitching (that one was a given!). I like working with children (that is my 'other life' - my full time job). I like watching (professional) sport and playing (non-professional) it. I enjoy a glass of wine and relaxing with friends. I love sunshine and gardening. I love my husband and my family. I love my God and desire to shine His love...

I'm at the beginning of another year  - the holidays are done and dusted and I am back at work. This is my dilemma. I have been so enthused by the freedom of holidays I now need to rein myself in and start to balance all of my 'loves and likes' in my life. Sadly, this also means my craft.

There were a few times in the past week that I have been trying to do everything - getting work done, listening/watching the tennis and getting some craft done. End result...late nights, early mornings and one tired individual. I know I can't sustain an extreme imbalance. Hence I have put some time limits in place and balanced out my time a little more benefitially. I am sure I am not the only one that struggles with balance.

In my 'balanced' craft time, I have been having fun with fabric by making fabric flowers.

I was going to turn this flower into a headband but thought it would make a lovely brooch. I have just finished making it and will put it into my MadeIt store soon!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and happy crafting!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday in the making

It is getting closer to the return to school for another year. I have had a few orders for some bag buddies lately, which are great to clip onto school bags, handbags, etc to identify that they are yours. Little ones that are just starting school can get a bit confused about which bag is theirs. Bag buddies do a great job at identifying their bag!

I finished a duck design a couple of days ago and I have just finished a 'Scotty Dog' Bag Buddy design.

These two gorgeous critters were part of a custom order. Presently, I am working on another Scotty Dog but instead of a black 'beard', I am making a grey 'beard', also part of  a custom order. I also have teddy, princess, boy racer and football guernsey bag buddies available in my MadeIt shop.

Are there any other types of bag buddies that you would like to see in my range?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekend Wonders - Handmade Gifts

I've had a couple of birthdays to celebrate this week. It was Mr T's birthday on Thursday and it was my little niece's first birthday the day after. Earlier on this month I decided to get myself organised as I wanted to give both of these special people handmade gifts, and handmade gift often take time to complete.

I ended up deciding to make a Football Bag Buddy as part of Mr T's gift and a sweet 'Emma' headband as part of a gift for my little niece. I also ended up searching throught MadeIt and purchased a perfect little toy for her.

I love receiving handmade gifts. They can be pretty rare in this plastic, fast paced, commercialised society, however, handmade gifts ooze love, time, care and are solidly made. I must say, I consider myself pretty blessed as I have quite a few members of my family who are crafty and often give me homemade/handmade gifts. I also wonder if the reason why handmade gifts are not very common is that they do take time to make and time isn't something that we have a lot of when we are working, looking after family, attending meetings, etc. If time is precious, MadeIt is the perfect site to find gifts. I have chosen a few...

 Play mat by 'Little Poppet by Ali'

Coffee Cuff by 'Monkey and Bee'

Fabric Ring Stacker by 'Velvey and Me'

Happy crafting and have a lovely week!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday thoughts - Fabric and fun

I have had to divide my stash...

My box that contained all my fabrics could not keep its lid on any longer, therefore I have had to divide and conquer my 'mountain' and reduce it to two little 'hills'. I now have one box that contains all my woollen felts and another container that holds all my fabrics for my headbands.

In one of my last trips to the craft shop, I opted for some fleece/polar fleece. I love making my felt toys and I will continue to do so, however I have been thinking that polar fleece/fleece would be a soft, cuddly fabric for little toys, especially for littlies. It took a bit of courage to splurge and try another fabric.

Which begs the question, do you stick with a particular type of fabric or do you use the same? Are there advantages/disadvantages about using the same type of fabric or a variety? I would be interested to hear your views.

Whatever fabric you choose this weekend, I hope that you have a wonderful weekend with your craft.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday in the making

Monday already! Things have been busy at Tupsy Turvy Designs. I've been happy with the progress of my new creation - Jellybean buddies!

This is one Jellybean buddy out of a family of four. This little buddy is made out of polar fleece, which makes this little guy soft and cuddly. Perfect for little hands. I aim to make a colourful bunch of 'Jellybeans' in family groups, in pairs and for individual sale.

I'll keep crafting and all the best with yours also!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weekend Wonders - Computers and Craft

 Mr T is the technical one as he loves working on computers and sorting out computer problems.

As for me, I can work computers to an extent. I do not share the same technical gifting. It is surprising how much I have learnt to do in such a short space of time since setting up 'Tupsy Turvy Designs', merging my craft with computers. There is now an online shop, a blog, I participate in a craft chat forum and have organised photos using Flickr. The good part is, that I have enjoyed it all.

For a while now, I have been resisting the urge to launch 'Tupsy Turvy Designs' into Facebook, but I could resist the urge no longer (insert Mr T rolling his eyes here!). After an afternoon with both Mr T and myself sorting out technical issues, 'Tupsy Turvy Designs' has now got a Facebook page. The aim of it will be to keep customers and followers up to date with designs and happenings at 'Tupsy Turvy Designs'.

Feel free to pop over and have a look. You may have noticed the 'Facebook Page' tab at the top of the blog. By clicking on the tab, you will be taken to 'Tupsy Turvy Design's Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday thoughts - A lovely distraction

I must say that I have been rather distracted by craft this week. In my 'schedule fuelled' mind, I told myself that I would need to start pecking away at some work this week.

Well...I did to an extent.

However, I have been rather distracted by craft. I finished a couple of orders at the beginning of this week. Mr T's and Little Niece's birthdays are next week and so I have been busy making some special little gifts for them.

(Don't tell Mr T, but this is his special gift... a Brisbane Lions Footy bag buddy).

I have also been busy making a few headbands and another set of Cutie Bug hairclips to place in my shop.

I am also itching to get into a few new designs and make some more headbands with a few new materials that were purchased during the week.

Maybe work may need to wait just a little longer...

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday - in the making

Today I am carrying on with the sporting theme from yesterday by showing a finished order that I made today...

I had an order for a Western Bulldogs Footy Bag Buddy and I managed to complete it today. It has been fun thinking about the AFL teams and their colours and designing the bag buddies so that they portray their team.

It has also been wonderful to read the comments on my last post about the favourite teams of my wonderful viewers. Do you follow a certain football team or sport?

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekend Wonders - Pre Season Training

I am a sport lover...

I love playing sport and quite enjoy having sport on the radio or tv in the background whilst I am working. I play netball, a sport that I have played since I was old enough to throw a netball and I enjoy watching/listening to the cricket or AFL football. I was quite pleased that my favourite footy team, Geelong Cats, took out the AFL premiership in 2011, much to the disgust of Mr T who is a Brisbane Lions fan.

It is no wonder then that my newest product in my shop reflects my sporting passion. I have designed a range of Footy Bag Buddies that allow supporters to show their football colours on handbags, school bags or anywhere you can clip a 'buddy'.

This photo displays the Geelong Cats and Collingwood Magpies version of the Footy Bag Buddies. They are not necessarily an exact copy of your team's guernsey but they do reflect your team's colours. I am willing to make up a 'buddy' to reflect your team, football code or add your favourite player's number to the back! Check out my store for more information.

Speaking of orders...I was at the Port Fairy Market on Saturday and enjoyed chatting to customers and displaying my designs and products. What was really encouraging was obtaining a few orders for my items! Small, positive steps... it builds up one's enthusiasm and encourages one.

I encourage you to look for small, positive steps in your own crafting, whether it is someone who views your work and makes a positive remark or if you have simply mastered a skill in your chosen craft.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Monday - in the making

Today was hot...

I mean scorching hot, blazing sun, 40 plus degrees centigrade. It is not very often that I experience a scorching, Australian, summer day like this as where I live, we may have the odd one or two 'hot' days, but nothing so searing.

What I do like about these hot, summer days (providing that I am in a cool, air conditioned place) is that you can't do much, particularly outside as it is too hot. This means time spent crafting...which I did. Here is the result...

I love the combination of purple and bright green.

So it ended up being a perfect summer day, although the one thing that may have improved it would be to have the cricket on TV, in the background at the same time. Got to love summer!

Happy crafting and stay cool!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Weekend Wonders - A new year

Happy new year!!??

I can't help but feel a little melancholy about the New Year. Time seems to tick past so fast, however, I know I just need to accept that I can't stop time. Instead I am thankful for the positive experiences of 2011 and need to make the most of the time given in 2012.

2011 saw the beginning of 'Tupsy Turvy Designs' (thanks to the encouragement of my sister in law and my husband). As the old year ticked away I pondered about some aims or goals for Tupsy Turvy Designs in 2012. One thing that I would like to do is to introduce Tupsy Turvy Designs to the markets. That means knuckling down and making more stock...not a bad thing, as I love crafting.

Another goal of mine is to add some seasonal stock - some items for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, etc. That will need some forward planning...

Over the Christmas/New Year period I have made the most of hot summer days and holidays and created a few more hair accessories...

I wish all my followers, my blog readers and my customers a Happy New Year filled with many blessings and opportunities.

Happy crafting!