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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

For Jack - a personalised, custom name embroidery

I sometimes find creating for boys a challenge, and hey ... I have two of them! They are full of adventure - with energy to explore, curiosity and a yearning for discovery. Just how  does one encapsulate that in a work of art? Well, I decided to go with a space theme as astronauts bravely venture out to the unknowns of space to bring to Earth new insights of far off places.
However, some little boys are bravely undertaking experiences of a different kind - sicknesses that are robbing them of being able to explore to their full potential. One such little man is 'Jack'. When the opportunity arose to design something for him, this was what popped into my mind. The inclusion of glittering stars wasn't just to add to the space theme, rather it was to add the notion of 'aiming for the stars' and to keep a positive mindset. I sincerely pray that this little adventurer is feeling better soon so that he can continue on the path to adventure and fun.

This design is also available for your little adventurer and has been listed in both the Madeit and Etsy stores as a custom design. Each item is handmade, therefore no two embroideries will be exactly the same. Please visit one of these shops for more details.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Jen.

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