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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Animals

We are now up to book three in our Eric Carle author study at work. This week we read 'The Mixed Up Chameleon'. Chameleons are fascinating animals, purely because they have the ability to change colour to blend into their surrounds. This book has a wonderful message which focuses on 'being yourself'. The children at work had a wonderful time creating their own 'mixed up chameleons', using different animal parts and then adding them to the chameleon. We drew our creations and then painted them, however, they could easily be moulded with clay, playdough or plasticene or they could even be made out of construction materials. Hence my inspiration this week is...animals!

Flash Card pack by 'Hazy Prints'

I love the graphics on these flashcards! These animals would be very appealing to children, whilst helping them to learn numebrs. I also love the scratchy font of the focus number. Lovely!

 Pink Fox Softie by 'The Crafty Little Fox'

This softie is adorable and looks ready to be cuddled. I love the use of two different fabrics in this creation. I love the cute little front legs and pointy little ears. Such a cute design!

Wooden Animal Set by 'Raw Toys'

This set of wooden toys are ready to stimulate imaginative play. I love the simplicity - animal outlines with few details, allowing the wood grain to be a lovely feature. Beautiful!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday in the Making

Last week I had a lot of fun creating with paper...this week, I had lots of fun making necklaces!

I had so much fun creating this style of necklace again. This time, I created this multi-strand up-cycled t-shirt necklace using a pastel lemon shade of material. I couldn't help but name this colour 'Lemon Sherbet'. At first I was a little unsure how this colour would work as a necklace, but I simply love it!

I have had a stash of corks that I have been wanting to use to make a new creation. I was inspired to use a chunk of cork as the base of a pendant. Once again, I used a piece of text from an old novel and I decided to add an initial. A sparkly diamante adds a little bling. I can't wait to make some more...

On the list:
  • Bags
  • Cards
  • Bibs
  • A special gift (just need to source the materials that I need first)
  • Continue my crochet project
Thanks for looking!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Thoughts - Crafty Caterpillar Tutorial

Caterpillars have been on my mind due to reading Eric Carle's book, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar". I made up a crafty cardboard tube caterpillar for children to make out of items that are found around the home. Older children could possibly make this by themselves, however, younger children will need assistance.

What is needed: two or more cardboard tubes (approximately 10cm in length), ribbon/cord/twine, hole punch, paper, card, tape, rubber band, cotton tip/chenille stick/'pipe-cleaner', paint/markers/stickers, scissors, glue or double sided tape.

 Cut the rolls into thirds. The more rolls that are used, the longer the caterpillar. Paint the pieces if desired and leave to dry. I decided to leave mine their natural colour.

Using the hole punch, punch a hole at each end of each piece of tube. Do the same on the opposite side of each piece.

Using small lengths of ribbon or cord or twine, tie each piece together on both sides of the pieces, linking all the pieces up.

Cut little rectangles out of card or other desired 'leg' shapes.

Stick the 'legs' on the bottom of the body pieces using double sided tape or glue.

Draw/trace a circle on the paper a little larger than the end of a tube. Cut it out and draw a face on it. Fold it over the end and secure it with a small rubber band.

Tape down the edge of the face to the cardboard tube and remove the rubber band. Bend a cotton tip or chenille stick/'pipe-cleaner' and tape it down on top of the head for the antennae. Using markers or stickers, decorate the body of the caterpillar.

This caterpillar bends a little, just like a real caterpillar, if the ribbon/cord/twine is not pulled too tightly.

Have fun!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - The Bad Tempered Ladybird

I am not a huge fan of bugs, particularly caterpillars. One of the prettiest of bugs, in my opinion, is the ladybird. They are also useful in the garden as they eat smaller insects that cause destruction, like aphids.

I have been enjoying reading Eric Carle books and the latest one that I have read at work is 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird'. It was useful to look at both the negative aspects in the story (eg. not sharing, wanting to fight) and the positive aspects (eg. the Bad Tempered Ladybird being nice at the end, the patience of the friendly ladybird). The children made up cute ladybirds using two paper plates and I took a photo of them looking grumpy. I cut out their photos and stuck them on their ladybirds as the 'face'. Their expressions were very funny! Therefore this week my inspiration is ... ladybirds!

Ladybird hand puppet by 'Sandpit Kids'

What a gorgeous ladybird! I can see this happily used as part of imaginative play (maybe from inspiration by the book 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird').

Ladybird hair clips by 'Plushka'

Plushka makes the most gorgeous items out of felt. I love her careful stitching and I love how the black 'circles' on these ladybirds are so neat. Perfection!

Ladybird silver pendant by 'Purplefish Designs'

I thought that I would also choose this item as it is not the traditional 'red and black' ladybird. I love the simple shape of this ladybird pendants and dots. All cleverly handcrafted. Simple, silver and stunning!

Thanks for viewing :)

Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday in the Making

Over the week I had fun creating with paper...

I made some gift tags using cream coloured card with circles of up-cycled map in the middle. I also added a vintage tinge to the edges and threaded through some gold cord. Each tag is unique!

I was then inspired to make some tags using an old novel - using cream coloured card for the tags with a circle of page in the middle, then embellished with a black card star. Once again I added a vintage tinge to the edge, however this time, I used jute twine as the cord.

I love the combination of pink and green! I whipped up this card for my Mum for Mother's Day...{yeah, a little late...oops}.

On the list:
  • A few presents to whip up.
  • Another bib or two
  • I would love to start another bag...
Thanks for looking!

Friday, 17 May 2013

The winner is...

A big thank to all that entered the 'Talk to me' Bib message giveaway. It was a very difficult decision as I loved all of the message ideas, however, the winner is...

...with the message:

"Open up, Buttercup"

Got to love a bit of rhyme! Please contact me Nicole, either by email or Facebook message with your email address. This keyring will be posted out to you shortly.

Thanks again and look out for some more giveaways in the future...

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Since the beginning of the term, I have been delving into 'Eric Carle' books. One of his most famous books is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. It has been around for over 40 years and is well loved by millions of children. Do you know that Eric originally made his main character a worm, but upon re-editing he changed the character into a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly? I must admit, I have always loved this book - the story line and the bright, colourful pictures. To be truly honest, in real life, I absolutely detest caterpillars, they are one of the creatures I fear and cannot stand to be near. Urgh...lucky 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' is such a cutie...hence it is my inspiration for the week!

Caterpillar bookmark by 'The Happy Red Dog'

What a unique bookmark! I love the detail in the design with beautiful stitching. I also love the contrast of the blue denim and the red cord. A beautiful gift for anyone that loves reading books.

Caterpillar pinafore by 'Wendy's Homemade Crafts'

What a gorgeous dress for a gorgeous girl! I love how this dress is made out of sturdy denim (it is a material I love at the moment) and I love the bright, cheeky caterpillar on the front. Lovely!

Baby mobile by 'Lullaby Mobiles & Designs'

This mobile is simply amazing - check out the work that is put into this! I love the bright colours that reflect 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' story. I love the detail in each of the items. This would look stunning in a nursery.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday in the Making

Over the past week I have enjoyed hand crafting gifts and trying out new designs ...

Firstly, designing and making these bibs have been a lot of fun. I particularly like this design with the denim flower and I also like the 'Talk to me' message bibs (click here to view this bib and find out about the current giveaway). Created out of up-cycled denim, these bibs are sturdy, but retain a vintage style. I am looking forward to making more of these soon.

I have also enjoyed making this particular set of gift tags. These tags use segments of an old atlas. I have added a 'vintage look' to the edge of the tags. They are topped off with a gold string, ready to be threaded onto a ribbon.

I can't wait to make more of these to add to the store.

On the list:

  • cards (yes...still catching up! I get distracted by new designs)
  • tag sets (to add to my Madeit store)
  • bibs
Have a great week!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

'Talk to me' bib message and giveaway

I have enjoyed using up-cycled denim in my creations. My latest (and most favourite) items at the moment are...bibs! Here are a sample:

I love this design in particular. I call it my 'Talk to Me' bib design...

This bib states 'Feed Me Please...' but I would love to know what other messages I could place on future bibs. I am running a giveaway in order to find out...

Simply email me or place a comment below, stating what message could be sewn onto a bib. I will choose the winning bib message next Friday. The winning comment will receive this up-cycled denim jean keyring. I am no longer making this keyring design, so this is a unique prize.

Conditions of entry:
  • Entries must be received by me before 6pm on Friday (17/5/13). Entries can be made via email or blog comment.
  • Messages must be no longer than five words in length.
  • Giveaway only open to Australian residents.
  • You will also be required to 'Like' Tupsy Turvy Designs Facebook page.
The judges decision is final (and will be made at 6.15pm) and winners will be notified via Tupsy Turvy Designs Facebook page and on this blog. The winner will win an 'Up-cycled denim jean keyring' valued at $10. The winner will need to provide me with their email address and I will contact them for postage details.

Please also note that the messages that are given in this competition (winning or otherwise) may be used in future designs and will become the property of Tupsy Turvy Designs. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook.

All the best!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Baby Girl

We have some exciting events coming up...

...We are blessed to be auntie and uncle to (now) two beautiful little girls, the youngest being only a few weeks old. It was lovely to catch up with these two little ones just after the birth of No.2, to enjoy baby girl cuddles (with No. 2) and cute conversations (with No.1). This weekend, we will have the chance to catch up with these littlies, their parents and with family. Hence, the inspiration for this week is ... baby girl!

Crochet Cowl by 'Lolli & Bean'

This is stunning! I am a fan of crochet, so that is one aspect that attracts me. I also love the gorgeous blue colour and crochet flower and button embellishment. It will add just enough warmth to little shoulders.

Blank Baby Girl Card by 'Country Lane Jewellery'

This card would be a lovely memento for a new baby girl. I love the 3D aspect to the card combined with the heart embroidery in the border.  So much work in this gorgeous card!

Hand Crocheted Rug by 'Bumble Bee Designs'

Every little one needs a warm pram or cot blanket to snuggle into and this one is bright and colourful. I love the textured flower pattern and their colours are gorgeous. I also love the border - it enhances the design of the rug. 

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Monday in the Making

After a couple of busy weeks, it was wonderful to spend the weekend focusing on some craft. I have quite a list of crafty goodies (re my handmade challenge) to make and it was great to spend large chunks of time working on them. Denim has been my material of focus lately. Here is the result...

I finished making up the keyring 'jeans' that I am giving as thank you gifts. I am still undecided at the moment about whether to make them as a regular product. I have one available at the moment...

This notebook is going to be another gift. It has seperate denim coverings for the front and back with denim ties down the centre . I have created a fabric and denim flower to brighten up the cover with a couple of embroidered flowers. This book cover took longer than I expected it to make, maybe because I was working out exactly how it was going to fit. I have one more notebook cover to make, although this one is a little smaller. Once again I am trying a few ideas out..

On the list:
  • Still catching up on a few gifts (once again new ideas that I am excited about) and cards.
Thanks for viewing :)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Mum

It is amazing to think that we have just entered the month of May. Shortly we will celebrate 'Mothers Day' - a chance to thank Mum for the love, support and nuturing that we have received. I thought I would find some inspirational, handmade items that could be used as gifts, especially for Mum from the Madeit website...

Vinatage Pattern Journal by 'Left hand books'

What a unique gift - a journal with a vintage pattern as part of the front cover! Hidden between the covers are pages made of good quality paper, ready for Mum to jot down notes, recipes, craft ideas, etc. I love the idea of using a dress pattern as the front cover - so resourceful!

Decorative Pears by 'Red Stitch Designs'

I instantly loved these pears the moment that I saw them. I love their simplicity - black and white and simple pear shape. I love the added touch of the wooden stem. A beautiful gift to decorate Mum's house.

Eye glass case by 'Eleven Roosters'

How beautiful! I love the shape of this eye glass case and I love how the motif on this fabric is central on this case - a lovely touch. Lined and padded, Mum's glasses will surely be kept safe.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!