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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - Decorating

It has been a wonderful break, however, it is back to reality and back to my full time work. I have enjoyed sunshine, long bike rides and catch ups with family.. complete with sleep in...

 This week has seen me heading back to work for longer stints in order to organise the work space for the upcoming year. One of my favourite activities is decorating the workspace. I spent some time (and some money) this morning buying a rug, chair, storage containers, table cloths to create particular play spaces, to ensure that items are tidy and accessible and to make the room inviting. Hence my inspiration for this week is... decorating!

Macrame pot holder by 'The Coloured Knot'

What a decorative and useful item! I love the colour and I love the way that this item is carefully knotted to create this lovely hanger. A nice touch to a home...

Jewellery stand by 'Domum Vindemia'

What a beautiful object! A beautiful item to hold jewellery that is made out of up-cycled items. I love the vintage feel. Gorgeous!

Wooden bunting by 'Simply Type'

Such gorgeous bunting to decorate a wall around the house! I love the simplicity of this bunting, comprising of natural wood and simple lettering. Wonderful!

Do you feel an urge to change some decorations in your house?
Thanks for viewing!

Monday, 20 January 2014

The Weekend in Snapshots

I spent a lot of time wth my 'friend'...

I joined this crowd for a long ride...

I went from the city (at the bottom of the range) to up here and beyond on my bike...

Viewed a cycling event in the city afterwards...

Had a great time away...

Have you been away recently?
Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - Cool

Last Wednesday I wrote a blog post about craving warm, sunny weather... Well, let's just say that I have warmth now in abundance, in fact, maybe a little too much warmth. As I am typing, the temperature read out on my phone states that it is 41.5oC, a little higher than what was forecast for today. The next few days are going to be exactly the same. We live in a lovely, stone home (no airconditioning) that stays cool for a little while, but I gather, by the end of this heatwave, the house would have warmed up considerably.

However, that is the land where I live and I am very grateful for the beauty and peace that it brings. At times, this land experiences scorching heat, but can also have snow on the mountains. It has dry heat down south, whereas up north it is more humid. Sometimes it rains and rains, however at times, rain is sparse.

I suppose that is why I enjoy living in this area. It may experience some pretty cold and wet winters, however, the summer sun is usually not intense. A little coolness would be nice, though...

Hence, this week's inspiration is... cool, using colours that reflect this notion (blue, purple, green)...

Bracelet by 'Escape Jewellery'

This bracelet is gorgeous! Just looking at it reminds me of a tropical beach as the gemstones remind me of the beautiful aqua water. A lovely colour combination, highlighted by the sterling silver.

Crochet Flower Headband by 'Fibre Frenz'

What a sweet headband! I love crochet and I love how the different green tones all work together to create a gorgeous flower headband. A sweet apple button embellishment, as well. Beautiful!

Dyed Wood Bracelet by 'Gumdrop and Drift'

What a unique accessory! I love the hue of blue of these beads. They remind me of cool water drops. Lovely!

Are you feeling cooler?
Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

In the making

This post is a little late as I was making some final touches last night... Here is the result...

This pink plushie uses my love of crochet which is transformed to make a 'blobby monster' toy. I love making granny squares, however, in this case I made a granny circle. The eyes are also crochet circles with sewn on embellishment. The crochet items are stitched onto the toy. This guy is made predominantly with materials that are reclaimed... turning craft materials that others no longer want, into something cute.

I have plans for this little creature...

I also made this card during the week. I have a few more cards to make this week...

Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Weekend in Snapshots

The sights on a sunny day...

Playing with yarn and fabric...

Fresh peas...

Summer blooms in the garden...

Saying hello...

Did you experience some sunshine this weekend?
I hope you have a good week :)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - Warmth

I have been craving it for a while now... No, not chocolate, not a bike ride... not even extra craft time! The basis of my craving is... warmth!

Believe it or not, it is Summer here in Australia, however the weather that we have been experiencing in the 'deep south' has been more reminiscent of Autumn/Winter rather than the sunniest and hottest season of the year. Clouds, wind and showers have been the order of the day rather than golden sunshine. I mustn't complain too much, though, as often our wide, brown land can experience devastating drought and we end up gazing longingly at the sky for rain...

During our holiday time and visiting family, Mr T and I had a firm reminder of how hot the sun can be with 40 oC days at a couple of abodes. Glancing at the weather forecast for the weather here, it looks like I won't need to wait too much longer for the sun to come out and play...

Hence my focus for the week is... warmth, displaying items that explore reds, yellows and oranges...

Vintage doily brooch by 'Sunshine Adore'

Anything that incorporates up-cycled items attracts my attention. I love how a beautiful embroidered doily has been transformed into a brooch. I also love the yellows, oranges and reds that are displayed.

Pack of 10 Sun stickers by 'Totally Innocent'

How cute are these stickers? I love the simple but cute facial features on these suns and the gorgeous variety of sunny colours. These stickers would make a lovely addition to party favour bags for any Summer party (they are also on sale at the moment!).

African sunset earrings by 'Art from Wonderland'

What gorgeous, wearable Art! These earrings depict an African sunset with a beautiful silhouette of a tree and an elephant. Lovely and unique! These earrings would be perfect for any lady that has been captivated by Africa and its beauty.

I hope the sun is smiling pleasantly on you wherever you are!

Thanks for viewing :)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Monday in the making

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year break. It ended up being such a busy December, but I relished celebrating Christmas and spending time with family. I must have been pretty exhausted as it took me about a week to get over cough that I developed at the end of the year.

However, I have enjoyed time, refreshment and rest over the past fortnight and feel ready to get back into blogging and crafting. The store will be opened in about a week's time.

Over the holiday break I have been focusing on finishing a few outstanding projects. This was one of them...

It was such an achievement to finish this project as this rug has taken quite a few months to complete (admittedly, I have picked this project up and placed it down a few times). I love the zig-zag pattern. I made this rug out of pure wool - predominantly white with a touch of lemon yellow and denim blue. This rug was a special gift for a special little girl. I wanted a design that could be used while she is little, but could be used as a throw when she is older. 

I already have another rug on the go in a different design... hope to share soon...

Thanks for viewing!