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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Owls

There are some story books that are timeless. One such book is 'Winnie the Pooh' by A.A Milne. I am currently reading through the tales in this book to the children that I work with. They love it! They have enjoyed these stories and the activities that I have linked with them. I simply love the adorable characters in the story. One more obscure character is Owl. We have just finished reading about one windy day for poor Owl and the other characters of One Hundred Acre Wood, hence my inspiration for the week is ... owls!

Owl stamp artwork by 'Max & Me Designs'

This art work is intriguing as it is made out of stamps! In this case, stamps have been used to cleverly create an owl design. 'Max & Me Designs' offer personalised pictures for extra special events, such as a birth, christening, birthday, etc. A lovely memento!

Crochet owl Snuggle Buddy by 'Cherry Tree Lane'

I love this cosy, little crochet buddy. I love the sleepy owl figure with little, woollen tufts. I also love the colour combination of candy pink, yellow and white. A perfect, snuggly friend for a little one.

Cushion cover by 'Made by Jen'

I love this groovy cushion! I love the blue and white, detailed owl motif, contrasted with the bright, stripey background fabric. This cushion would definitely brighten any room.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Monday in the making

August is a busy month... Our family has a number of birthdays (as well as a few friends of ours) in August. This year I am determined to make handmade gifts for friends and family for such celebrations, hence August is proving to be a very busy month!

Besides that, I decided to make a spontaneous gift for a work colleague who has been going through a tough time. I had some inspiration for this headband a little while ago, but I decided to put my plans into action and make this for a gift. This is the result...

I wanted to create a stranded, crochet headband, embellished with a crochet flower. I am playing around with correct sizing, as this headband is designed for an adult head, however, I think this style of headband would also look sweet on a child. Something to work out...

I love the look of the three strands, coupled with the simplicity of the flower and bead. I was tempted to use a blend of colours, but quite like the whole headband in the same colour. I can't wait to try out more ideas...

On the list:
  • More gifts :)
  • Father's Day ideas
  • Playing around with these crochet ideas
Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Frogs

It is my mother's birthday this coming weekend. When these special days roll around, I always think about what makes these special people...well, special! This year, I thought about what Mum loves and appreciates. An animal that Mum has always loved are frogs. Therefore my inspiration for this week are... frogs...

Frog beanie by 'Redsherbet'

How cute! I love little animal themed, crochet beanies. I particularly like the big, froggie eyes on top of the beanie. Cute and cosy!

Felt frog softie by 'Cute Kotori'

I love this photo of a family of frogs. I love the simplistic design - a simple shape and embroidery. I love how this family of frogs are the same colour, just different tones to distinguish them.

Coffee Cup Cosy by 'Babzzz Designs'

How gorgeous! Not only do I like the way that this design is predominantly the face of a frog, but I love his cute, googly eyes on the top. A great way to spark up your coffee and protect your fingers at the same time.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday in the making

Flower hair accessories have been quite popular in the store lately and I needed to add a bit more stock. Instead of adding one, solitary flower to a clip or headband, I decided to make a 'posy'. This is the result...

I have also been busy designing and creating a crochet headband that can be used as an ear warmer as well as a wide headband...

I love the colour and I love the style, however, I need to get the sizing right. I have had to adjust this band a couple of times and it still is slightly too big. I think I need to take into account the stretchiness of the yarn. I will keep experimenting and show my progress. I want to make one as a gift, so I need to do some perfecting. Mr T wanted me to post a photo of me wearing my ear warmer... well...ok...but I am no model...

On the list:
  • A couple of gifts and cards to make
  • Flower clips
  • Bibs (I would love to spend time on these as they have been on the list for a while)
  • Necklaces
  • Just had another idea...
Have a great week!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday Thoughts - Celebrating Firsts

I have had some new little ones join our group this term. It will be the last time that new little ones will join our group. It makes you appreciate how far the older children have travelled and grown since the beginning of the year. It also makes you appreciate how big this event is - starting a new place for the first time. It's such a milestone...

To celebrate this, I thought that I would devise a special certificate to commemorate this event. I took a photo of each of the little ones on their first day and embedded it into this certificate. I printed this out (using my colour printer to add colour) and laminated it. This certificate could then be added to fridges or photo albums at home. This is the certificate that I devised...

This idea could be used for children in your own family by creating a special certificate or page. A photo of the child on their first day of school or kindergarten could be added, as well as the place, teacher and date of the first day. You could quiz the child about their favourite moments of the day and add this special journaling to the page.

Thanks for viewing!