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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Hey Bro!

On this day...a few years ago...my little brother was born. Born two and a half years apart, bro and I were (and still are) quite close. I have fond memories of us playing, for what seemed like hours, together in the backyard. Always a sporting nut, who is talented at any sport on land, he proved a tough opponent to beat and wouldn't let my temper outbursts be given into, hence honing my own determination and skills.

Once a very chubby bubby, bro is now a fit, lean, racing machine mechanic, hence time with him is precious, as he is always on the move. Hence 'boys' are my inspiration for the week...Happy Birthday Bro!

Cake bunting flags by 'Pink Grapefruit'

How very sweet! A very decorative way to enhance a birthday cake. I love the idea of bunting, but in miniature.

Boys Fabric Canvas by 'Cheeky Children'

This is gorgeous! I love the train, complete with cute little carriages meandering up and down over the hills. I love the touch of a three dimensional look by adding little lengths of chain between the carriages.

Cot quilt by 'Belle & Jay'
I love the style of this quilt and the gorgeous colour combination! I love the ragged edges that are part of the design and the large block in the middle, featuring the initial of the little one. I had a browse through the Madeit store of this seller and I love the colour combinations and the use of fabrics that they use. Gorgeous quilts!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!


Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday in the Making

I have had a few new ideas lately. I probably need to make up more stock of my existing items, however, I couldn't resist this new idea...

These little, embroidered items are mini pin cushions. They have a soft elastic band that to allow it to be worn as a ring - ideal for the busy sewer! True to my up-cycling tendencies, these mini pin cushions use a drink bottle lid as the foundation of this design. Embellished with beads and embroidery, this little item is pretty as well as practical. Maybe next time, I could try up-cycled t-shirt material as the main material, rather than felt.

I have a much larger pin cushion in the making - once again a trial. I will post it up on the blog if all goes to plan.

On the list:
  • Pop up cards
  • Cushions
  • Pin cushions
  • Brooches
  • My crochet project
Thanks for looking :)

Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday Thoughts - Thank you!

There is a lot to be thankful for...

...Every day people show courtesy and respect to us. Then there are those lovely people that go out of their way to help us out - looking after the children, giving us a meal, doing a favour...

We can show our gratitude to others in numerous ways as well - returning the favour, giving them a gift, a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, baking them a cake...

Recently, a friend of mine helped me out in a remarkable and selfless way. I couldn't let this act of kindness slide by, therefore I needed to create something. I tried a new card design, which I loved making...

(I also made one for my brother's birthday). The 'pop-up' idea is based on a design by 'Julie Munoz', however I have added my own spin to it :)

I also made up a rose brooch that could be pinned onto clothing or a scarf. Simple but sweet. I love this design (and colour) and will definitely make up more.

Handmade goodies are a great way to say 'thank you' to someone. Returning the love that someone has shown to you in every stitch!

Thanks for viewing and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Sunny Yellow

It has been rather warm where I live. I do understand that we are still in the midst of Summer and that this weather is quite normal, however, after a couple of days of high 30 degree Celsius weather, it does get a little sticky and uncomfortable. I can't complain though, as it is nice to have sunny days. Quick enough the sunshine and the warmth will disappear and the frosty and wet Winter weather will set in, hence my inspiration for this week is ... 'Sunny Yellow'...

Yellow Bunny Teddy by 'Tatifly'

This girl is gorgeous! Totally designed and handmade by 'Tatifly' this bunny will be sure to brighten your life. I love her cute, spotty and yellow dress and the flower bouquet that she is wearing. The beret that she is wearing is the perfect finishing touch. Such detail!

Reversible Yellow Monster Handbag by 'Over It'

I love the fun factor that this handbag has and that it is also made out of recycled and remnant materials. It also looks like that it has plenty of room to hold lots of important goodies. A great concept!

Recycled Lace Clutch Purse by 'Red Tree Designs'

I love the lace feature to this clutch and I also love the fact that the lace is recycled. Lined with floral material, this clutch not only looks happy, yellow and stylish, but is also practical.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday in the making

I had a bit of a find on the weekend...

...whilst sourcing t-shirts for some more up-cycled creations, I stumbled upon a bit of a stash of craft supplies. I managed to find some press-studs, some lace and some eyelets. The biggest find of all was some small lengths of small floral patterned fabric.

I had to make a few headbands over the weekend and I couldn't resist the urge to make some out of my newly found fabric. After washing it (it didn't take long to dry on such a hot day) I made up a couple of lacy headbands. Here is the result...

I decided to make the top 'layer' of the fabric flower slightly shorter than the bottom. I used some lace in a rosette in the middle, topped off with a button. The flower has then been stitched onto shiny, soft elastic. I think that these headbands have a bit of a vintage feel about them. All components of my headbands are stitched, rather than glued for durability. These headbands are now available in my Madeit store.

On the list:
  • I would love to get into some cushions.
  • Make more special 3-Dimensional cards (will show you my work from the weekend later on in the week).
  • I have a new design that I would love to try...
Thanks for viewing:)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday Thoughts - Colour

Every week, I look forward to a particular time at work. It is when we focus on creativity and art skills. As a creative person, I enjoy teaching and fostering art and craft skills in young children.
Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on the topic of 'Colour'. The children have identified colours and objects that are particular colours. The children have experimented with mixing colours, firstly with paints and then with cellophane. I didn't 'teach' the children that certain colours mixed together make a new colour, rather, I let them find it out for themselves and then got them to share their 'combinations' with others to try. The difference is amazing as children get so excited when they discover colours for themselves. This enthusiasm continues to drive their learning and gives them a sense of self achievement.

After discovering colour combinations with paint, we then transferred our knowledge of colours to cellophane. The beauty of cellophane is that it is transparent. I cut up pieces of red, yellow and blue cellophane. I also gave the students a clear, plastic pocket (pockets that hold paper documents in folders). Students stuck down pieces of cellophane on top of the clear pocket with sticky tape. I encouraged over-lapping of cellophane pieces so that when the finished art piece is stuck to a window, the over-lapping shows new colour combinations. Stick these colourful art pieces to a window to allow the colour combinations to be evident.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I love handmade!

A Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Mr T and I managed to sneak out tonight and have coffee (and yummy cake) for Valentine's Day. We usually don't make too much of a fuss as we think it is important to show our love for each other everyday (although it is nice to go out on these little 'date' events now and then).

My love for handmade items and all things crafty have been the source of inspiration this week.I have chosen some handmade items that reflect some crafty passions of mine...

White Pram Rug by 'Kids Creations'

One of my passions (particularly at the moment) is crochet. Currently I am working on a special crochet project that I am going to give as a gift. I love the pure wool that I am using and I love the beautiful colours that yarn comes in. One of my favourite creators that specialise in crochet is 'Kids Creations'. Her work is divine and would be perfect for heirloom gifts. I love the pattern of this crochet rug. The scalloped border is a highlight to this design. 'Kids Creations' also make beanies, headbands, layettes, booties...a variety of lovely items.

 Recycled Paper Rose Bouquet by 'Red Zebra Designs'

I am being inspired by materials that I can find, remodelling them and putting them to good use. My 'Tupsy Tee' accessory range have stemmed from this inspiration. A creator that I admire that is remarkable at up cycling is 'Red Zebra Designs'. The ideas that they have are fresh and original. I particularly love the range of paper modelled and created products that use pages from books. These roses caught my eye as their shape are so life like, with a touch of quirkiness as they use pages from atlases. Superb!

Heart Coasters by 'Monkey & Bee'

I had to end on a 'heart' filled note. I also love beautiful fabrics and patterns. One creator that uses such lovely patterned and bright fabrics is 'Monkey & Bee'. With these gorgeous fabrics she makes coasters and coffee cuffs...both of them my favourite. Her heart coasters are a new addition to her repertoire.

I hope that this provides you with you some inspiration!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday in the making

Last weekend I made up a new up-cycled t-shirt headband design. 

Over the weekend, I added two new colour combinations. A red and black combination...

...with red double bow, black yo-yo, red button and all sewn onto a black elastic headband. I also made up a candy stripe, pink and white combination...

...with white and pink striped double bow, pink yo-yo, striped button and sewn onto a pink elastic headband. 
Once again, these colour combinations were determined by the t-shirts I could source.
Is there a particular colour combination that you would like to see using this headband style?

On the list:
  • fabric flower headbands
  • cushions
Thanks for viewing!


Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday Thoughts - Family

I am slowly beginning to get to know the little ones that I am working with this year, their likes, their skills, their personalities and about their famiies.

Currently we are learning about our families. Even though this topic is perceived as basic curriculum or knowledge for little ones -  for children to state the members of their families -  it can be quite complex for some children. Sensitivity and an awareness of this complexity is a must, as this topic could trigger off a range of emotions inside these little souls. Feelings such as anger, sadness, grief and confusion may arise as these children realise that their family is 'different' to others.

However, despite this, children need assurance that even though there are differences between families, these differences are OK and that families are places of love, safety, support and care. I emphasise that the children in my care are valued, that I care about their learning and I try to ensure as much routine as possible to provide stability.

Despite the cautions, learning about families can be fun. Here are a few ideas...
  • Paint a family portrait.
  • Labelling copies of family photographs, identifying different family members.
  • Browse through baby albums of the child and their siblings.
  • Look at photos of celebratory and happy family events. Talk about why this was such a joyful event, maybe write a recount of this event.
  • Make pop stick puppets of family members - drawing pictures of family members on small pieces of card and taping pop sticks on the back.
  • Find where different family members live on a map.
  • Write letters to family members that live in different towns/cities.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Hearts

Next week sees 'Valentine's Day' roll around. Traditionally, it's the day where people declare their love to the one they love. Personally, it is great to remind loved ones how precious they are every day. Therefore, my inspiration for the week is...hearts.

Felt hearts by 'Honey Cub'

These hearts are gorgeous! They remind me of lollies on sticks. Instead of flowers, why not give a bunch of hearts. I love these colourful hearts bunched together.

Multicoloured Heart Picture by 'William & May'

How sweet! I love the different sized and different coloured buttons, placed together to make this lovely picture. The amazing thing is that all of these buttons are stitched, not glued. A unique picture!

 Hand stitched felt mouse by 'Razzle Dazzle'

I am not a big fan of mice (the real things) however, these little mice are so gorgeous. It is obvious that lots of care and attention to detail have been given in these little creatures. He's giving you his heart!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Monday in the making

Over the weekend I did some experimenting...

I had in mind to make a brooch, but in the end I made this bow design into a headband. I am enjoying working with up-cycled materials, hence I used up-cycled t-shirts for most of this creation.

I know that I have been showing a number of these necklaces lately, but I made a number of these over the weekend and I love the colour, the flower and the photos of this necklace. The colour is a smokey grey and the flower has a diamante in the middle.

On the list:
  • Continue to work on headbands.
  • Cushions.
  • My crochet project
Thanks for looking!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday Thoughts - What's my name?

It has been wonderful getting to know a new set of little ones at work. They're eager to learn, eager to play and eager to have fun. One of the first skills that I encourage these little ones to learn is to recognise and write their name. For those children that have a short name, this skill is quickly learnt, however, those children that have longer names, it can be quite tough. Practice can be as simple as copying their own name onto some work that they have completed, however, I have found some fun ideas that can assist in name writing and recognition...

Make a puzzle using the letters of the child's name (by Happy Hooligans)

Making their name out of playdough (by Kindergarten Rocks)

Searching for letters game (by Teach Preschool)

Other ideas include:
  • Use game pieces (eg. Scrabble letters) to make own name.
  • Use magnetic letters - the child can write their name on the fridge.
  • Find letters in magazines/newspapers and cut them out and stick them together on a piece of paper to make their name.
  • Tear little pieces of coloured paper and stick them down on paper to make their name.
  • Use pavement chalk and write their name on pathways.
  • If chalk gets too messy, simply give a paint brush and water and they can 'paint' their name on pathways.
Have a great weekend!