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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Lemons

I love how different fruits and vegetables come into season. During Winter, I love cooking hot meals with potato, carrot and broccoli, but then after awhile I start to crave the warmer months with tomatoes, zucchinis and corn. 

At the moment, lots of trees are laden with lemons. Lemons prove to be a very useful fruit. Currently, I have no voice and I am gargling with salt water and dosing up on garlic, but I know that there are also healing benefits with honey and lemon. Lemons are too tart to eat by themselves but they are a wonderful ingredient in baking and cooking. Lemon meringue pies and cakes have a sweet, fresh taste. Delicious! Another bonus is that lemons are yellow. They shine bright yellow and provide a contrast against the green leaves of the tree. Therefore my inspiration for the week is ... lemons!

Sweet Lemon Soap by 'Soap From My Hearth'

I had to choose these soaps. I love the freshness and the sweet, lemon smell of these soaps. I have bought these soaps for a while now and I love how they are made from natural ingredients and make you smell great. Highly recommended!

Newborn Cotton Cardigan by 'Merrilyn Anne Knits and Gifts'

This is so sweet! I not only love the colour, but I love the detail around the neck and the bottom. Striking, although it is the one colour. Beautiful!

Lemon Slice Earrings by 'Poppy and Willow'

I love these earrings because they look like fresh, lemon slices. How very clever! They would make a unique gift for yourself or others.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday in the making

The past couple of weeks have been busy preparing for the Bubs 2 Teens market that was held in Hamilton. It has also been quite cold and wet here and there is nothing better than curling up on the couch, by the heater and crocheting. So I have been crocheting up quite a few hats lately. Here was one of the latest ones...

I've made some hats that have some fuzzy yarn as one of the colours, but this time around I decided to use some multi coloured textured yarn. I love the purple and blue combination, with just a smattering of white. I made this one in a toddler size and this one has been snapped up already at the market. I look forward to making more...

On the list:
  • necklaces
  • crochet projects
  • gift tags
  • bibs
Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Nursery Items

It is good to hear some good news. I have been a little excited to hear the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton's new little baby boy. Today, there were pictures that were released of the new little prince. In fact, the arrival of any little precious one is a time of celebration - no matter whether they are royal or not!

 Over the past couple of weeks, it was wonderful to hear of two couples that I know that will welcome new, little additions early next year, especially since they have had to wait for such joyous news. There are many, lovely hand made items that would make beautiful gifts for a new baby. The great part about hand made gifts is that they are often unique, personal and made with love and care. Later on down the track, they also become heirloom or keepsake items. Hence my inspiration for this week is... nursery items.

'Baby' sign by 'Made in Fabric'

What a stunning piece to hang in a nursery! I love the linking font and I love the blue and white polka dot fabric that covers it. Lovely!

Rainbow and raindrops mobile by 'Razzle Dazzle 4 U'

This mobile is gorgeous and would add colour to a nursery. Not only would the gently movement of the raindrops be soothing for baby, but it could be added to a 'Noah's Ark' or animal themed nursery. Beautiful.

Quilt by 'Wendy-J Quilts'

A hand made quilt or throw is a unique and touching gift to welcome a new baby. I love the brightness of the fabrics in this quilt. It would look beautiful in a cot, as a play rug or as a pram rug. Gorgeous!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday in the making

I dabbled in a craft that I hadn't participated in for a long time...
...it was scrap booking.

I came up with an idea for a present for a very special, little person. They had recently celebrated a special, milestone occasion and I decided that I would make up an album for them to provide them with some special memories of that occasion. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I can't wait to give it to them. I hope they enjoy it, too.

This in turn sparked a bit of a paper craft urge. Hence, another design for some cards...

I produced a large, typed letter on an up cycled book page.

I added an antique look to the edge of the page and placed it on a border before I adhered it to the card.

I added some lace and type - a word to match the highlighted letter. 

I have created a small range to take with me to the market that I am attending on Saturday (Bubs 2 Teens market in Hamilton, Victoria). I have so many more words and letters that I can use as features on these cards. They were so much fun to make...

On the list:
  • market preparation
Thanks for viewing!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Red, Blue and White

Things have been a bit quiet on the technology front as I have entertained my parents for a week. It was sad to say goodbye to them, but then something exciting was going to happen.

 I travelled to the big city to pick up Mr T from the airport. It is great to have him home. He was in Cambodia for a fortnight, helping out with an organisation that provides support to those who do it tough in this country. It has been great to hear about his experience, the culture and the interesting places that he visited. Red, blue and white are the colours that are on the flag of Cambodia. This week I chose some hand crafted goodies from the new madeit.com.au website that share the same colour combination...

Headband by 'Little Angel Card Creations'

I thought that the flower on this headband looks dainty and sweet. I love the alternating red, white and blue layers and the pearl embellishment in the middle. Gorgeous!

Pinafore by 'Pebbles Children's Clothing'

I love this cute, little dress! I love the floral lining, buttons and the stunning flower applique. I love the retro feel that this item has. So sweet!

Boat picture by 'Red Loves Green'

What a lovely piece to have in a boy's bedroom or on a wall in a cottage by the sea! I love the wash type of background and the cute, but detailed sailing boats and bunting. Lovely!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Roses

While Mr T has been away, it has been wonderful to have my parents visit me (as well as their Golden Retriever). I have got them to work - pruning fruit trees, catching up with some ironing and today, they helped by pruning the roses while I did some weeding. As they have joined me this Wednesday, I asked them to think of a theme for this week and to pick a few items. So, this week the chosen theme is ... roses...

Rose necklace by 'Indulge Jewellery'

I love the large silver rose that is the feature of this necklace, teamed with the floral beads. A unique item of jewellery.

Card by 'K.O Creations'

A beautiful card especially for 'mother'. This card even stands up a little as it is an easel card. I love the rosy tones mixed with the brown hues for an antique flavour.

Bangle by 'Two Cheeky Monkeys'

I simply love this item of jewellery! I love the purple rose and I also love the silver, lace work of the bangle base. Gorgeous!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration...

Monday, 8 July 2013

Monday in the making

It has been another crochet type of week...

...it is interesting how I am more motivated by particular crafts during certain weeks. This past week has been wet and cold and as my time with the children at work has drawn to a close for a little while, I have been exhausted. My body has shut down a little and all I want to do is rest in my comfy chair by the fire. However, I am not one to sit and do nothing... I picked up my crochet. 

Last week I showed a photo of a hat that I made for myself. Well, over the weekend, I added more ideas to the already altered mooglyblog.com pattern to create this gorgeous hat for a young child...

This beanie is designed for a young child (my foam ball model is a little too small for this beanie). I have added a pompom on the back and ear flaps with plaited cord. I love how these three colours work together - red, white and blue. Best of all, this beanie uses reclaimed yarn (yarn no longer wanted by knitters/crocheters), re purposing at its best.

On my list:
  • crochet projects
  • a new design
  • bibs
  • goodies for an upcoming market
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

A find...

I can't help it... I love shopping! Not necessarily buying a whole heap of things, but rather browsing and looking at all the goodies. I must admit, I love looking at my local Op Shop. They have got to be the best idea out - people are able to donate unwanted items, people are able to pick up unique treasures, reusing items (helps the environment) and the profits got to charity...win/win in my books.

I like to pick up a number of goodies for my crafting, but I do spot items (at bargain prices) for me. I walked by this dress a number of times, each time looking carefully at this item and running it through my hands. I am a colour combination lover (perhaps why I am drawn to fabrics and yarns) and I couldn't help but love the deep purple colour with a gold net pattern and sash. As you can see the rest is history...

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Up in the air

It has been a mixture of emotions this week...

...Mr T flew out earlier this week, travelling overseas. He is helping out with a program that helps to build houses for those that are less fortunate. I have had to cope with the feeling of only 'half existing' and a little 'left behind' as we have only travelled overseas together. However, I know that he is helping others and making a life changing difference. I am very proud of his efforts. He will also see and experience a new country and a new culture.

I do have some plans to spoil myself and get stuck into some crafty projects here on the home front. I am also having some family visit me shortly which will also be wonderful. Hence my inspiration for the week are... planes!

Aeroplanes frame by 'Little Flutter Creations'

How very clever! This art piece has been created using paper and then framed. I love the three dimensional look and formation. Would look great in a boy's nursery.

Personalised blocks by 'Retro Ragamuffins'

These blocks would look lovely in a child's room. I like the detailed, looping bunting that is evident on both blocks and the cute, little planes. A lovely memento!

Personalised cushion by 'Bubble & Squeak'

What a cute cushion! I love the beautiful bright colours and the lovely, plane, patterned fabric. I love the band across the middle that highlights the name. Gorgeous!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday in the making

When the weather is gloomy and cold, all I want to do is sit by the fire and crochet. I also can't wait for some holidays to reinvigorate and rejuvenate the body and mind and have some more time for some longer projects. However, I did manage to finish one project over the weekend...

... I finished making my slouchie beanie, using a variety of bright colours and textured yarn. I wanted to create something bright, unique looking and I am very happy with the result. I must say, that this design is based on a design by 'Moogly' - a fantastic crochet blog. You can check out the original pattern here. I want to create more using different colour combinations and reclaimed yarn. My only problem was that I didn't have enought fluffy, feathery pink yarn to croched one more round near the brim band...

On the list:
  • my crochet project (it is slowly getting there)
  • a scrapbooking gift
  • paper/card items
Thanks for viewing!