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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A Caravan and the Journey of Life

Since meeting my husband, I've seen many new places ...

My husband is originally form the Eastern states of Australia. He moved numerous times in his childhood and it was the nature of his family to travel long distances for holidays and to visit family. My family were very different. Most of our family lived in the same state as ours and we pretty well stayed in South Australia for holidays or visited family within South Australia.

It is quite funny that now that my brother and myself are adults, we both travel a fair bit. My brother, has acquired a job that requires him to travel to various places around Australia and overseas and he is rarely in the one spot. As for me, though my work does not require me to travel, my husband, my boys and myself travel quite a few kilometres to visit family and love exploring new places in Australia and overseas. I, personally, enjoy seeing new sights, new people, new cultures, but also enjoy being back home.

I often relate to life being an adventure - one amazing journey. A journey where we meet new people - people that enrich our lives, pull us up back on our feet, people that change our lives. A journey where events are celebrated and milestones reached. A journey that feels a bit like a roller coaster - with moments of exhilaration and moments that drag us through low valleys of difficulties. 

No matter who we are, we all experience the rise and the fall of life on our journey. These times give us wisdom and a new outlook. It gives an understanding that we all have times when we trudge through dark times and valleys. It gives a realisation that we are needed to support each other, especially through these difficult moments.

I wanted to create a new canvas design that has a 'travelling along life's way' feel, hence the caravan motif. Once again, this canvas uses upcycled materials - old book pages as a base for the background and the caravan and lace for the curtains. It displays an encouraging quote, to remind us to enjoy all the moments of our lives. Of course, each canvas is uniquely and individually crafted where you receive an original product, not a reproduction.With the caravan motif, this canvas would be ideal for travellers, but would also be suitable for a nursery, encouraging the little one to enjoy life's journey.

Thanks for stopping by.
 I would love to hear about a wonderful adventure you have been on or an amazing holiday. Feel free to let me know in the comments.
Enjoy the adventure!

~ Jen

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