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Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday in the making

I have been busy making up some extra stock for markets during the past week, predominantly tutus.

Here is my latest...white...

Made with soft white tulle and embellished with a white satin ribbon.

I have a couple of orders to fulfil and I also want to experiment with my new 'Tupsy Tees' idea. This will keep me busy this week. If only there were more hours in the day to craft!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend Wonders - Market day

I have been a little 'missing in action' during the latter part of last week as I have been busy preparing for a market.

Today was the 'Poplars Baby & Children's market' at Tenison Woods College and Tupsy Turvy Designs was there with a stall. I had quite a few people stop by and chat about some of the goodies on offer. I had a few sales, but I must admit, it wasn't my best market, sales wise.

However, I will be kept busy as I have a number of orders to fulfil, plus a market this coming Saturday in Hamilton at the Sheepvention street market. Hence, there will be no sitting around doing nothing.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Green and Gold

With the 2012 London Olympics beginning soon, it's time to prepare to cheer on the athletes representing our country. Go the 'Green and Gold of Australia!'.

Card Holder by 'The Crafty Mummy'

I have just discovered 'The Crafty Mummy' while looking for quality handmade gifts. I have a little something ordered from 'The Crafty Mummy' and her communication is great. This card holder would make a lovely gift, particularly teamed with a gift card from a favourite store.

Upcycled sling bag or clutch by 'Red Tree Designs'

What a great way to recycle materials...make them into stylish accessories! This bag converts to a clutch, so in a way, you have two items in one. I love this bright, mustard colour, teamed with a leather belt strap.

Note set by '3 Girls + a Goat'

Not only is this a beautiful shade of lime green, I absolutely love the texture of the envelopes. The texture is created (embossed) by hand. What a sweet little set!

Satin flower hair clip by 'Rainbows & Whimsy'

I love the ruffled edges of this satin flower ribbon, teamed with the pearl beads in the centre. This would add some class to any ensemble. A simple black dress, with this hair clip and gold bag (possibly a gold belt/sash around the waist) would look very classy.

I hope this inspires you!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday in the making

Here is a photo or two of my newest creation...

Made with pale blue soft tulle and teal soft tulle with a teal satin bow. This tutu will fit most 2-4 year olds. This is another favourite colour combination of mine as it reminds me of cascading water.

As mentioned yesterday, over the weekend I bought and washed a pile of pre-loved t-shirts. My newest design idea is to pull apart and chop t-shirts to make new tops. Some will be t-shirts or singlets with a new design, others will become totally new tops...maybe skirts. I am working on a little boy's top at the moment, but I have an idea for a sweet little girls top. I also have some women's and teens tops in mind. I am looking forward to playing around with a few ideas...hopefully photos to follow soon!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Weekend Wonders

It's Sunday evening already and time to wrap up another weekend...

I purchased metres and metres of beautiful, soft tulle in pink, white, yellow/cream and red, all set for tutu making. I can't wait to transform the tulle as tutu making is very relaxing. I made up a two tone blue tutu (in a bigger size) which reminds me of a waterfall. Photos of this tomorrow.

I also made up a few beaded bracelets and I am very close to finishing my girl doll. I know that I have said that a few times in my blog, but the poor thing has been placed on the back burner as I have been more focused on making up some more products for the markets that I am going to be at. It begins next weekend at the 'Populars Baby and Children's Market' at Tenison Woods College in Mt Gambier. The weekend after is the 'Sheepvention Street Market' in Hamilton, Victoria and then on the 18th August I am attending the inaugural 'Bubs2Teens Market and Fashion Parade' (also in Hamilton). Three big markets, hence I am making goodies at any opportunity.

I also purchased some pre-loved t-shirts for another craft that has lured my attention. They are set to be destroyed and put back together, with some Tupsy Turvy Designs creativity. I'll chat more about this new idea tomorrow.

Besides crafting and shopping I have been out in the garden with Mr T, planting some snow peas. It has been wet on occasions this weekend, however, the sun came out enough today to lure us outside for some fresh air. With the gaps filled in with work and cleaning, the weekend has gone. Now for an exciting week...

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Thoughts - Olympic enthusiasm

It's not much longer now...

Very soon we will be witnessing the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London. Athletes are arriving in London and preparing themselves for their moment in history. Records will be broken, elation will be heard and tears of disappointment will be shed.

This week, the little ones and myself have been reflecting on what exactly are the Olympics. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm and excitement of the children as they were only toddlers when the last Olympics were held in Beijing, China. For most of them, the Olympics are totally new and the questions that they have are fantastic.

We looked at the Olympic flag - the five, different coloured rings and what they represent (five rings for five continents in the world and every country that participates in the Olympics has at least one of the colours of the rings in their flag). We made our own flags by using paper towel cardboard rolls, dipped in paint, printed down on white paper.

We made our version of the 2012 Olympic torch by printing bubble wrap, dipped in black paint onto yellow paper. When dry, we taped the printed paper into a slender, conical, torch shape and placed scrunched yellow, orange and red tissue paper in the top to represent the 'flame'. Our torches will be used in our own 'Torch relay' when we have our own 'Olympics Day'.

I showed DVD clips of past Olympic events. As an Australian, a poignant moment at the Sydney 2000 Olympics was Cathy Freeman's gold medal win in the 400m running race. Another moment was the gold medal win for Australia in the Men's 4x100m Freestyle swim. I didn't tell the children who was going to win and the children madly cheered for the Australian team. I also showed footage of Nadia's perfect 10 score in gymnastics in the 1976 Olympics. As a result the children had so many questions that were fuelled by what they saw...
  • Are they diving or swimming?
  • Why doesn't Cathy Freeman run in the Olympics anymore?
  • Do the athletes sleep or do they race all the time?
  • How long do the Olympics go for?
  • Why are people still sitting there after the race?
  • Why can't everyone race in the Olympics?
The children's enthusiasm, in turn, fuels my enthusiasm. I can't wait to show you more...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Sport and Competition

I am beginning this term with the theme of 'The London 2012 Olympics' at work and am feeling very enthused with this topic, hence my inspiration for this Wednesday...

I Spy bag - Sports themed by 'I Spy Designs'

I think these little 'I Spy bags' would be lots of fun. The idea is for little (or big) hands to gently squish the bag in order to see all items 'hidden' inside. It would provide lots of entertainment for little ones when they are required to sit for a length of time (eg. at the doctors, etc).

Bird in the Hand Wooden Game by 'MollydagMade'

This seems like a great game to play with little ones that not only sounds like fun but also helps to foster basic Maths skills. What a bonus!

Fabric Balloon Cover Ball by 'Three Apples'

What a great item to build up coordination skills! This is a fabric cover that has a balloon inside that you blow up and...presto, you have a ball to play with. Great for children that dread balloons due to the noise when they pop.

I hope that these items inspire you also!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday in the making

It has been a relatively productive week in the Tupsy Turvy Designs studio. I have been lured, though, to try a few new crafts, one of them being tutu making. Here is a recent tutu skirt that I have made...

The skirt is made of soft apricot tulle with flecks of orange tulle, embellished with an orange, satin bow.

I have also had a go at making beaded bracelets.These have been fun to make, but also challenging. It is a process of plaiting beads on thin, cotton cord. It is a challenge ensuring that the beads don't slip as you plait. I have adapted an idea that I stumbled upon to make a button clasp.

I have also been stitching my dolls. The girl in the set is NEARLY completed and I can't wait to finish her off and show you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Weekend Wonders

Anything that I'm passionate about can be all consuming...

I love creating, designing and crafting, however, it can quickly take over aspects of my life. I was reminded by this in a Facebook post by Mr T. He was out in the garden and did quite a bit of weeding and he posted on his page, along the lines of "Mrs T gave up playing winter sport to give herself more time, then along came her craft. I better do more work in the garden". I felt a bit sad reading that post and thought about it. Yes, craft can take up a lot of my time.

Therefore, I am making Sunday a 'craft free' day in order to get out in the garden and do some reading that I need to. Plus, give myself a chance to relax and not always work, work, work. Now, I did say 'craft free' day... once I have completed the work that I need to do in the evening and I have a bit of time, I will do some craft. Hence, this afternoon I was out in the garden for a couple of hours, trying to tidy it up a little.

However, yesterday I did make a few beaded bracelets and I have completed the pants for my girl in my newest doll set. Just making sure that they fit ok. I hope to complete a hat and some boots for her soon so that I can begin making the clothes for my boy doll. I will show some photos of some of these items tomorrow...

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday thoughts - Life without TV

This week has been much different from the week that I experienced last week...

The previous week was spent relaxing, enjoying nature, being with family, crafting and eating...lots! You have no choice but to relax when you are surrounded by this:

This week was spent cleaning up after our time away and planning and programming for the next term of work. I did spend some extra time crafting up some goodies. However, it will be back to the 'busyness' of work very soon. Quite a bit of a contrast.

We have one rule on the houseboat...no media technology (particularly the type that 'blares' at people). Now I have to define this, as there are some 'exceptions'. What I mean, is that we don't have the TV, DVD or radio/music playing (even though they are present on the boat). There is the 'allowance' of computers and mobile phones, however, Internet coverage is pretty patchy. Those that 'need' to find out the football score can bring their own personal radios and find their own space to listen to the game.Hence, sitting down and staring at the TV in the evenings wasn't an option. What did we do?

Well...we had the campfire crackling away on the bank, which we often used to make baked potatoes, damper and my new favourite...fruit crumble. When it got too cold to be around the fire, we retreated inside and played board games/card games. While on the houseboat, these games get a good workout. I know that I have previously blogged about the lessons that children can learn from board games, however, they are great for adults as well. It was great fun to interact with family members, use the brain to try to problem solve and try to develop strategies. It ends up being a highlight of the trip. In the end, the TV is not missed.

Why not pull out a board game or card game from the cupboard and play a few rounds with family or friends?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Jewellery inspiration

I am having a little giggle as I type out this blog...

I have been busy making something else new. I create headbands, but I wanted to create something else wearable...hence bracelets are in the making. I have had some inspiration with beads, threads and knotting and the creating has begun! I hope to show some photos soon.

The part that is funny, is that every time I start a different type of craft, I am reminded of my brother. As I have always 'fluttered' between crafts, my brother would ask me "So, what 'phase' are you in?". I wouldn't call them 'phases', rather, projects on the go. I also call it variety...

Here are some inspirational jewellery finds...

Fabric covered button earrings by 'Little Poppet by Ali'

I have come back from a week of crafting with Ali, from 'Little Poppet by Ali'. I have seen her make the cutest sets of earrings, especially her fabric button earrings. She hasn't posted them up on her Madeit store, however, check out 'Little Poppet by Ali' Facebook Page here to find some photos and prices. I hope she posts up her latest sets of fabric covered button earrings soon, as they were pretty groovy!

Sterling Silver Necklace by 'Epheriell'

In browsing jewellery in Madeit, I can't go past the lovely works of 'Epheriell'. Epheriell's simple designs and hand created jewellery looks stunning. Who would have known that circles look so good? The photography of their products also adds to the beauty of their products.

Mr Darcy Ring by 'Two Cheeky Monkeys'

If you are a 'Pride & Prejudice' by Jane Austen lover, you would love this ring. I like the way that the word 'Darcy' is magnified by the glass cabochon. An intriguing piece that would make the perfect gift for a Jane Austen fan (it is currently on sale at the moment too!).

Photo locket by 'Mikano'

This little locket has the sweetest picture, beautifully captured by 'Mikano'. I love the antique feel that it has. A beautiful, yet practical piece of jewellery. Mikano has a range of different lockets to choose from.

I hope this inspires you!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday in the making

It was great to have to extra time to spend on creating...

Whilst away, I finished stitching some dolls together, made a small selection of tutus and finished off my 'Black & White' selection of headbands. It was also great creating with someone else, chatting and crafting. It's always interesting to find out what others do, and to learn a few hints along the way.

As mentioned in my last post, I made up a tutu especially for my niece to check for size and look. I am pleased to say that she liked it and everyone in the room thought it also looked sweet. As we were surrounded by River Red Gums on our holiday, it made a perfect setting for a photo shoot with my niece in her tutu. I was then inspired to make a selection whilst away and add it to the Tupsy Turvy product range. As you can see, they make cute photo props and they are also perfect for imaginative play.

I finally finished off my latest headband selection. I aim to release it on my Facebook page tomorrow, however, here is a sneak peak...

Currently, I am working on the clothes for my latest doll set and I have been inspired to make another item. I visited the craft shop today to purchase supplies to give it a go (I also bought more tulle for more tutus).

I have also had fun taking photos, downloading photos and editing them over the past week. A big thanks to Mr T for introducing me to a new photo editing program.

Love it!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Weekend Wonders - Back to it

All good things must come to an end...

If you were reading my last few blog posts, I gave away a few clues about what I did on my holiday. Mr T and I have just returned from a relaxing week on a houseboat on the Murray River. We had glorious sunny weather and cold, frosty mornings. It was such a relaxing week - totally getting away from it all, enjoying the beautiful country, spending time with family, campfires and crafting!

I was blessed to have my lovely sister-in-law join me, who is as passionate about craft as I am. It was fantastic to spend time each day chatting and crafting. Ali, makes lovely baby/children's wear and accessories. You can check out her Madeit store here.

Whilst away, I made a few items to stock up my own Madeit store and in preparation for upcoming markets. I will show some items on tomorrow's blog post, however, I can't help but show a photo from a photo shoot that I did with my niece, wearing one of my latest items...a tutu.

I do have another week away from students, however I do need to start some planning and preparation work. I will also use the extra time this week to get into more items...I can't wait!

Have a lovely week!