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Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday in the Making

Despite the busy-ness towards the end of last term and an overseas trip, I managed to squeeze in bit of creativity.


...a hand crocheted, hand felted, pure wool table runner. Crocheted in a chevron pattern in white and red wine coloured wool with a felt, heart motif embroidered in the middle and wine coloured tassles at each end. This made a wedding present for a special couple.

I've been loving making fabric yo-yos lately and have been turning up-cycled t-shirts into hair ties. I hope to make a bunch of pairs for an up coming market.


I wanted to make a couple of little gifts for some lovely people that looked after our animals while we were away overseas. I have been inspired by up-cycled denim and designed and created this groovy jean keyring. I have made a few pairs of 'jeans' and because they are hand made and hand embroidered, each pair has its own style.

On the list:
  • Another crochet project (with a looming due date)
  • Cards
  • Denim items
  • T-Bags
Have a super week :)

Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Thoughts - Craft Abroad

It has been a while since I have posted on here...

...what with a busy end of school term and a trip overseas, it has been a little challenging to find some time to sit down, relax and blog. However, I am back and can't wait to get back into the blogging routine.

It has been great to experience another culture and way of life for a short time, which also instills an appreciation of some of the things that I take for granted. We stayed with a family that was so welcoming and hospitable, indeed we were very spoilt. Upon leaving, we were given some gifts. I thought that I would share some of these crafty items...

This is a cloth bag that has been embellished with beading - on the corners and on a strip around the bag. The shoulder strap is also beaded.

Here are a couple of beaded ornaments comprising of a beaded 'net' over the ball and strands of beads hanging from the ball.

I brought along my crochet to work on the plane and whilst away. One local, young lady was very intrigued when I was working on it one day. She stood there for a while and watched while I crocheted away. I suppose knitted fabric and wool aren't common place in this country.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Feels like Autumn

We have had a few cooler and wetter Autumn days of late, which have been a welcome relief to the intense dryness and heat that we have experienced during some days in Summer.

On Easter Monday, Mr T, my bro and myself went for a bike ride. We are enjoying cycling and have planned to enter some rides later on in the year, hence we are slowly building up the distance and the amount of cycling that we are doing. The ride (one way) was 38km. The day was overcast with a touch of drizzle to begin with, however, we enjoyed cycling along and we found it quite pleasant and not too arduous. After having a little lunch, we set off for the 38km journey back to our starting destination. Then it dawned on us...we were enjoying a lovely tail wind on the way there and we were now going to go against the wind. For the first half of our return journey, it was ok, however once we hit the more open spaces, riding through plains with not a lot of trees for windbreaks, the wind was relentless! Our average speed slowed quite considerably and we began to count down the kilometres. Needless to say, we arrived a little later than expected and a little more sore. Oh well...we made it and felt satisfied in completing it, hence my inspiration for the week is...Autumn.

Lion soft toy by 'The Crafty Little Fox'

Check out this Autumn coloured cutie! Handmade toys ooze love, cuddles and cuteness. I love his gorgeous mane and his cartoon like eyes. Not a scary lion at all!

Spiral bracelet by 'A Little Bling'

What a unique piece of jewellery! I love the brown and gold tones and the way that the beads spiral around. Gorgeous!

Hand knitted scarf by 'Sally Anna Boutique'

I adore scarves! Once again, I love how the brown and gold tones work together. I also love the variety of yarn that is used, adding texture. Stylish for everyday or at a football match.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!