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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Pale Blue Flowers

Where I live, September is the beginning of Spring. I find Spring such an uplifting time - the weather begins to warm from the coolness of Winter, trees begin to grow back leaves and there is a splash of colour as new flowers bloom. Mind you, my hayfever does not always agree with my enthusiasm and raises its head a little during this time. 

My youngest boy is a bit of a nature lover. Every time we walk from the car and across the carpark at Kindergarten, he pulls me to a halt at the small garden edge as he looks for snails, different leaves or flowers.
Lately, I have noticed pretty little purple/blue bell shaped flowers that have appeared in amongst the other flowers and greenery. They are so delicate looking and neatly cascade down a green stem. My little one managed to spy them as well and also appreciated their beauty. He doesn't seem to worry about time or schedules, rather, he stops, gazes and appreciates the loveliness around him...

I have recently completed and released a series of pale blue, tiny canvases in the Tupsy Turvy Designs Madeit shop. Each canvas depicts a pale blue daisy, with brown middle, on a mixture of brown background. To me, the combination of light blue and chocolate brown evokes a quiet strength, therefore words such as 'Peace' and 'Be Strong' feature on these canvases. I wanted to make these canvases a source of encouragement when gazed upon. Their little size makes it the perfect height to sit on a window sill, shelf or office table (each canvas has its own wooden easel).

To view what is currently in store, please click here.

Thanks for viewing!
~ Jen.

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