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Monday, 19 October 2015

Calm Seas and a Boat Canvas

 I am a 'river' girl at heart. From a young age my family and I have holidayed on the Murray River and as a result I have grown to respect the river, learn about it and appreciate the area. Time away in this area thoroughly relaxes me. For a week I feel like I am away from the 'real' world.

Occasionally, we travel from our home to Adelaide and as a result we cross over the Murray River. If it is a while since we have spent time away on the river, I look at the river longingly as we cross over it and mention to my husband that we should organise some time away on it.

For some people, the sea is their desired place to dwell in, near or around. They enjoy the sound of the waves flowing into shore and the smell of the salty air. Mind you, it is also the ocean and the air around it that can spawn ferocious storms. The place of relaxation and peace can quickly transform to a place of fear as mighty winds, rain and waves are created and strength is required to bear the brunt of the storm until it passes. Isn't that similar to life? One minute there is celebration and comfort in the everyday and then troublesome times brew and swamp us. They eventually blow over and life returns to its calm self. The refreshment of being able to totally relax in a favoured area (such as by the river or by the sea) helps to rejuvenate energy to cope with the everyday pace of life and troublesome times.

This sailing boat has been created using fabric that is adhered over thin pieces of wood to make the sails. The mast is a rolled up book page and the bottom of the boat is a shape cut out of a book page that have been painted. The words that are adhered on the canvas are "May calm provide strength for stormy seas". All of this is then adhered onto a backgroud that uses various painting techniques. This canvas is part of the chocolate brown and light blue hue range.

Wishing you all smooth sailing!

~ Jen.

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