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Monday, 18 January 2016

2016 - Brand Representive Search

Hi Friends,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year and are ready for 2016. 

Something that is new for Tupsy Turvy Designs is giving chosen supporters the opportunity to gain unique giftware at half price by choosing a Brand Representative. The details are listed below ...
Tupsy Turvy Designs is on a search for their first 'Brand Representative'. The successful applicant will have a six month term as Tupsy Turvy Designs Brand Rep. They will be required to buy at least ONE product over this six month period at a heavily discounted price (50% off). They will be then required to take high quality photos of this item displayed. If the item is a gift, they will need to take a photo of this item where it is displayed. These photos will be used on Tupsy Turvy Designs social media platforms (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and also on the blog. The chosen Brand Rep may also be called upon to share their view about the chosen piece (only a couple of sentences of feedback). The Brand Rep will be welcome to purchase more than one item during this six month period, still at 50% off (maximum of three items at this 50% discount), however, there will still be a requirement to take photos of these items displayed. The Brand Rep will also receive a 10% off code to share with family and friends, so that they can also purchase a product from Tupsy Turvy Designs' web store at a discount price during this six month period.

To have the opportunity to be the first Brand Rep, applicants will need to take a photo of a favourite room or area (eg. kitchen, lounge room, study, retreat, etc), which will show their quality of photography. Professional photography skills are not a requirement, simply the ability to take a clear, neatly styled photo. At this stage, I will begin with one Brand Rep who can commit to a six month period with my decision based on the choices of photos presented during the call-out period.

If you believe that you can fill the requirements listed above, feel free to email me your photo. Applications close 4pm (Central Australian Daylight Time) 25th January 2016 and the successful applicant will be emailed and will also be announced on Tuesday 26th January 2016 on Tupsy Turvy Designs social media platforms.

All the best!
~ Jen.

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