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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Introducing the 'Snail Mail Surprise Challenge' and how you can make a difference

Sometimes life is hard …

Hardship is evident in our lives, in the lives of our friends and in the lives of much loved family members. Turn on the TV or get on the web and we hear about awful things happening in our world. I am often left feeling helpless. Sometimes we need a ray of light and a little encouragement. I got to thinking about this and realized that I can do something as I make handmade cards - the perfect method for encouragement. So I came up with an idea and I’m hoping that this might inspire you also. I’ve called it ‘Snail Mail Surprise’.

At various times of the year I will instigate a challenge of encouragement (eg. 'to encourage a family member' or 'to encourage someone who is older than you') and I will call on a limited number of interested people to subscribe to the challenge (for free and for this one event, unless you want to participate in more later on). Those people who managed to subscribe for the event will be sent a (free) handmade card from me to fill out and give to someone who fits the challenge. Sharing of each challenge will be encouraged, not to ‘do the best deed’, but to celebrate these glimmers of hope and encouragement. I will even surprise one lucky subscriber for participating.

This will only go ahead if people are interested in participating. There will be a limited amount of subscribers for each ‘Snail Mail Surprise Challenge’. I would love to know if this is something that you would be interested in participating in. The only outlay for you would be time - to write in a card and give it someone (or post it, in which case you would need to pay postage costs), but I know that the impact that this small amount of effort could make on someone’s life at a particular moment would be enormous.

I am currently creating a batch of cards to be used in the first ‘Snail Mail Surprise’ challenge. I will let you know when I am looking for subscribers. 

Thanks for viewing!
~ Jen.

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