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Saturday, 18 June 2016

A Lack of Water and Candy Colours

The saying is true … ‘You don’t realise what you have until it’s gone’.
It happened last weekend. My husband realized that the water softener hadn’t been turned on for a while so in an interest to try and preserve our water pipes, he turned it on. The only issue with that, is that somehow the salty stuff all got stuck in a pipe somewhere and caused a blockage. This meant that we only got a trickle of water out of the tap when it was turned on, and hot water was practically non existant.

I am in no way blaming my husband for this event, as the water softener really needed to be turned on, but it did pose and interesting challenge for a day. Boiling rain water on the stove in order to have hot water to clean dishes and trying to ensure that your person is cleaned and ready for the day. It did cross my mind that before indoor plumbing and hot water services, this was how people made sure they had hot water and that they had to wash in a different manner. It also hit me quite hard that I do live in a very privileged society – that there are so many people that have to deal without running water, let alone hot water, everyday. It is saddening and sobering to realise that others miss out and that we live in an unequal world. In the end, the plumber did arrive at the house and altered something in order to avoid the problem and I am very relieved to have water pressure and hot water back in the house. Indeed, I am very blessed to live where I do and in this day and age (I do have plans for a way in which Tupsy Turvy Designs can help and benefit others less fortunate later in the year).

The latest art creation to hit the studio table is a collection of painted book pages that will become the base of a set of cards that will be used for my first ‘Snail Mail Surprise Challenge’. This time, I thought I would go with a mixture of vibrant colours – bright, happy and cheerful, all ready to provide some encouragement to others. This colour scheme was inspired by a mix of sugar coated, colourful gumdrop lollies. I am getting a bit daring with this set as I am going to try a few new mixed media techniques in their creations. I love seeing the layers unfold in the painting process.

Thank you for stopping by. Once this card set is finished, I will launch the first ‘Snail Mail Surprise Challenge’. I can’t wait! I hope to see you soon.

~ Jen.

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