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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Lemon yellow and Aqua blue tiny mixed media canvas

Last Christmas, I decided to treat myself. As I was buying little gifts to fill Christmas stockings, I found these tiny canvases in a shop. I thought that I would buy one and I would figure out what I would create later on. Well, I am glad that I made that purchase as this is the result and it is my favourite canvas to date...

I managed to add splashes of lemon yellow and aqua blue over the tiny canvas. The canvas is just big enough to place a daisy-like flower on the top, painted on a a book page and outlined/detailed with pen. With the combination of yellow and blue and the brightness that it creates, there couldn't be anything but happiness... hence the word 'Happiness'.

The great part about this canvas is that it comes with its own little easel, therefore it can be easily placed on a shelf, desktop, window sill, coffee table, etc. There are a few lovely ladies in my life that a tiny canvas like this would make the perfect gift.

I must admit, there are more of these little canvases on the studio table... I couldn't resist!

This item is currently in store. To view it, please click here.

~ Jen

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