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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekend Wonders - Pre Season Training

I am a sport lover...

I love playing sport and quite enjoy having sport on the radio or tv in the background whilst I am working. I play netball, a sport that I have played since I was old enough to throw a netball and I enjoy watching/listening to the cricket or AFL football. I was quite pleased that my favourite footy team, Geelong Cats, took out the AFL premiership in 2011, much to the disgust of Mr T who is a Brisbane Lions fan.

It is no wonder then that my newest product in my shop reflects my sporting passion. I have designed a range of Footy Bag Buddies that allow supporters to show their football colours on handbags, school bags or anywhere you can clip a 'buddy'.

This photo displays the Geelong Cats and Collingwood Magpies version of the Footy Bag Buddies. They are not necessarily an exact copy of your team's guernsey but they do reflect your team's colours. I am willing to make up a 'buddy' to reflect your team, football code or add your favourite player's number to the back! Check out my store for more information.

Speaking of orders...I was at the Port Fairy Market on Saturday and enjoyed chatting to customers and displaying my designs and products. What was really encouraging was obtaining a few orders for my items! Small, positive steps... it builds up one's enthusiasm and encourages one.

I encourage you to look for small, positive steps in your own crafting, whether it is someone who views your work and makes a positive remark or if you have simply mastered a skill in your chosen craft.


  1. I'm sure Mr T will be looking forward to a Brisbane Lions Bag Buddy for his school bag on his birthday :) With a number 44 on the back :)

  2. I might just have to give him a bit of a surprise and make one up for him!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the Geelong bag buddy. I used to be a mad cats fan when I lived in Tasmania. now I follow rugby league since I live in NDw now.

  4. My husband is from the East coast and has grown up with the battle of State of Origin. I don't mind watching the Rugby - a different game of footy to AFL though. It uses very different skills.


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