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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Dandelion seed head canvases - "It is well with my soul"

"It is well with my soul..."

The words

These words are from a hymn, the words written by Horatio Spafford, after he suffered the tragic loss of four daughters as the result of an accident at sea. Only a few years earlier, he lost real estate due to fire and  had mourned the death of a son. He was a very wealthy and successful lawyer that resided in Chicago, and a man that was very strong in his Christian faith. (I sourced a lot of this information from this website).

  The thoughts it evokes

I find that these words are words that exude strength. In my thoughts, I can imagine dark, thunderous storm clouds of turmoil, grief and tragedy and in the midst of the swirling winds, a man quietly, yet firmly stating "It is well with my soul...". To me, it promotes a resolve, that no matter what horrid event develops in life, nothing can rip faith and inner strength away. This in turn provides encouragement and hope.

The canvas collection

 I must admit, the canvas design did not start with the words, rather it started with a photo that I took when I was walking the dog...

 Dandelion seed heads were standing tall in a patch of greenery on the edge of the footpath. I decided to take a photo and add it to my bundle of art inspiration. I then decided to create colourful backgrounds on canvases, trying out different paint techniques. I have been inspired by a number of mixed media artists that incorporate beautiful patches and patterns of colour and I wanted to create art works using similar techniques.

I remembered the dandelion seed head photo and got to work developing simple sketches of dandelion seed heads, until I was happy with the look. This idea was then transferred onto the canvases. I wanted to add a quote or relevant words to the art works and the words of this hymn came to mind. I thought they would match perfectly with the dandelion seed head - standing strong despite being blown in the wind and still holding firm to the majority of the seeds. I also thought that the loose dandelion seeds offered freedom - freedom from the crushing forces of life. All these thoughts combined with the strength evoked by these words.

"It is well with my soul..."

Hoping all is well with you!

~ Jen.

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