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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Unique Paper Mache Christmas Baubles

There are 24 hours in everyday, but as I am getting older, it seems like time is flying by ...

Recently, we enjoyed two weeks break from school and that time seemed to pass by like we had only days. Stores are already promoting Christmas decorations, October is nearing an end and countdowns to Christmas are beginning. Christmas is definitely looming!

As thoughts about Christmas began swamping my head, I wanted to create something for Christmas. Amongst my mixed media art creations, I have been enjoying creating with paper mache. I thought that this would be the perfect medium to create a special decoration.

I wanted to create a Christmas bauble that stood out from traditional Christmas baubles. Each bauble is spherical, however, the middle of each bauble cascades reclaimed fabric to add a splash of colour against the white outside. I still wanted each bauble to portray a key feature about Christmas, hence the words: joy and love; the letters cut out of newspaper and adhered to a scroll made from old book pages. I also wanted to retain Christmas colours, but put a modern twist on them, therefore I used red, white and silver.

These baubles have been designed for the person who loves Christmas and decorating, but wants a splash of originality and a modern feel.

Soon available in store. To view what is in store, please click here.

Thanks for viewing!

~ Jen.

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