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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Sunny, Daisy Flower Mixed Media Canvas

We all need some motivation and encouragement, right? This sunny, daisy flower mixed media canvas was created with this in mind.

I love flowers. I love the range of vibrant colours that they burst forth with. I love how a group of them can't help but look cheery and happy. Combine these happy flowers with tones of yellow and green and a tone of happiness is set!

I also believe that we are all created by God for a purpose and that there is a need to stop life from clouding or diminishing this at times. The words that I wrote on the canvas are meant to remind us of our value, to be strong and to proudly do what is required.

Paint is a wonderful medium to work with. I enjoy working with it so much as it offers such freedom in creativity. I love blending colours together and adding textures. I have been inspired by other mixed media artists, of late, and have experimented with new techniques. I have even started an art journal to make the most of trying out these new ideas. In this canvas, I have used bunches of thread as a way to create some extra dimension. I have also used torn magazine pieces as the centre of the flowers.

This canvas is currently available, although I am having a bit of a hiccup listing it in the new shop that I hope to open soon online. 

(Feel free to contact me for more details about this canvas, if you have any questions though).

Thanks for viewing!

~ Jen.

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