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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Flowers

August is a busy month...

...not just with the amount of markets that I am attending this month, but it seems like a lot of family and friends have their birthday's occurring in August.

One such, dear person is my mother. Mum lives approximately eight hours away, so catching up with her in person is not a frequent occurrence, however, phone calls make the distance somewhat shorter.

There is a special little something (be it a little crafty) in the post to my Mum - 'Happy Birthday'. My Mum loves gardening and plants and flowers are a reminder of her. Hence my inspiration for this week...

Flower Rattles by 'Ollierose'

Aren't these cute? I love their smiling faces and the colourful petals. They look just right for a little one to hold. So bright and colourful!

Pink Flower bag tag by 'Top Shelf Jewellery and Accessories'

How eye catching! I love the transparent pink flower with interspersed with the solid pastel pink beads. This could be hooked onto any bag - be it a child's or a handbag.

 Flower Embellishments by 'Magpie House'

A very creative design! Different sized paper flowers, layered upon one another to make a flower embellishment. I like the type of paper - simple white paper with words, as if straight from a book, beautifully 'aged' on the edges. This would look stunning on a handmade card or decorating the edge of a photo frame that is housing sepia toned photos.

Flower embellishment pack by 'Elsie & Grace'

Forgive me for adding another paper embellishment, but how life like are these! The detail in the embossing, cutting and folding/shaping is amazing. Not only could they be used on a card, but they could be used to decorate a number of items or decorate the top of a special present.

I hope that these ideas also inspire you!

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