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Sunday, 29 September 2013

The weekend in snapshots

I've wanted to create another blog theme as I love sharing what I create and I love sharing the fabulous creations that others make, but I wanted to add something else...

... Over the weekend, I was reminded about making the most of the moments of each day and to look at the positives of each day. After a sudden medical issue occurred with my husband (which could have potentially evolved to a life threatening situation), grasping life and revelling in moments and time with people has become more important. So, I thought it would be a bit novel to take snapshots of moments throughout the weekend to celebrate. I found that this weekend  was easy as we enjoyed celebrating two special events, but some weekends I think I will need to think out of the square a little. So.. for this weekend, here goes...

A beautiful wedding ceremony and reception.

Going out for a bike ride.

Celebrating a friend's birthday.

What did you enjoy or appreciate this weekend? 
Have a great week!

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