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Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday in the making

I have been enjoying making greeting cards using collector cards that have been transformed into mini works of Art. Earlier, I made a batch of cards with a sunset theme, using yellow, orange and red. I enjoyed creating them so much, that I made another batch, this time using a different colour scheme. Here is the result...

These are a couple of examples to show you. I wanted to use purple, so I used hues of this colour, teamed with pastel green and apricot. I love the result and I love their uniqueness. They are currently available in store.

I have also begun a new project. This one is going to be a mini canvas that will display a monogram...

I wanted to use pink and I wanted it to have a feminine feel, without it being to overwhelmingly pink. This photo shows the beginning of the background.

Thanks for viewing!

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