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Monday, 12 May 2014

Monday in the Making

After a few sessions of making cards, I thought that I would concentrate on making another canvas...

I wanted this canvas to have a pink base, however, I didn't want it to be solely pink. I decided to add some light blue, a touch of orange, grey and a touch of pastel yellow to the palette. 

At first, I thought that the pink background was a bit too harsh, however, once all the other colours and layers were added, the colours all worked well together.

I decided to make this canvas with the monogram 'A' and used layering techniques that include paint, paper and textural materials. Despite using the same techniques and colours, each canvas is unique due to the process it undergoes. Currently available at my madeit.com.au store..

Did you spot the owl? Canvases can be made with or without the owl...

Thanks for viewing!

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