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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Colour Combo - Red and Grey/Silver

I love working in colour combinations...

I seem to work in colour combinations - finding a source of inspiration, and then producing a range of products: cards, canvases, jewellery, decorative items...

I have just finished my last combination consisting of grassy green hues and yellow. So the time has come to look for a new combination.

I love spending time (and often it is quite a lot of time!) looking at different colour combinations to inspire my next set of artwork. My greatest resources for colour combinations are images on the web and my new found source - Pinterest.

This is what I found:

Source: designs-seeds.com

I have a craving to use bright red. I was drawn to the combination of silver/grey and the touch of light brown.

This is the result of a treasure hunt consisting of these colours around the house:

Now to get creating with these colours...

Thanks for viewing!

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