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Thursday, 23 April 2015

New Tools

It has been wonderful to have a little break from routine and spend some time with family on holiday. Of course, I had to stop by some of the shops in the area, where I managed to find some goodies to help with my creations. I thought I would share my 'finds' and let you know how I use them.

Firstly, I found some new templates. I use templates to add a touch of texture or stencilling to the background of art pieces.

I often add a bit of stencilling to the top of my canvas art works...

... I also add a touch of stencilling to cards.

I also found some 'rub ons'.

I use 'rub ons' to add a little detail and extra interest to art pieces. I do have a preference for black 'rub ons', but I found some pretty white ones, to add a more delicate touch.

I hope to show you some creations that use these goodies soon!

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