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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The benefits of creating art

Life is busy, isn't it?
 Work takes a big chunk of the day or week. Yes, I create artworks, but I also have a busy and demanding part time job and some of the preparation time is after hours. Then, there is the house ... helping to raise two bouncy boys (as well as my husband) and ensuring that they are fed, clean, have clothes and cuddled also takes time. Add onto this housework ... well, trying to ensure that the house is clean and clutter isn't piling up everywhere. Even with my creative works, there is time taken to take photos, edit them, email, blog, etc.
It is busy and I think that it is life.

When I took along my crafty items to markets and people found out that I made them, a popular question would be, 'Where do you find the time?' Good question! I simply make time. For me, art is my passion and my outlet to relaxation. When I create, pressures of life, worries and stresses are momentarily boxed away and creativity, imagination, colour and problem solving reign. I find that if I get too swept up with life and I go too long without sitting down and creating, I begin to get restless. It is like I seek that time to sit still and simply create. Art does not solve my problems or stresses but it helps me to manage them.

Here are a few photos of 'work in progress' pieces that I have been working on lately ...

I hope that life isn't too busy for you and that you have a chance to unwind and relax.

~ Jen.

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