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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

New inspiration, new techniques and new mixed media canvases

I find that there are times when artistic ideas and creative inspiration is dry. The next idea for the next product is just not there. Often it is combined with busyness in life and frustration with the inability to sit down, relax and let the creative juices flow.

At this point in time, I am feeling quite the opposite ... not that life is not busy (helping to run a household with a husband, a dog and two bouncy boys produces a busy, more like hectic pace of life!), rather, I am enjoying the artistic processes of the items that I am currently making and am relishing seeing them arrive at completion.

Paper mache has become a love of mine. Yes, it is messy and gooey and takes a long time to complete, due to the time taken to dry each layer, however, I am enjoying getting my hands sticky and am inspired at what can be created using this medium. I just need to remember that this art does take time and if I want to produce items, I have to add layers daily to keep the process going.

I have also enjoyed taking time to research artistic techniques and have enjoyed viewing fellow artists' work, in discovering how they create their art works. I have enjoyed reading a book, that I borrowed from our public library titled 'Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop' (by Serena Barton), that explores a range of mixed media techniques. I have then enjoyed trying out some of these techniques in new designs, to see if they work for me or in adapting them to suit my artistic style.

Included in this, is my latest range of tiny canvases. I have created a few sets of these daisy flowered works, however, with this current set, I wanted to try out a looser daisy drawing style and I wanted to add words to describe daisies around the centre of the flower. I also developed a heart design, with similar, loosely drawn hearts with words to do with love and friendship around the main heart. What do you think of these additions?

These canvases are currently available in store. To view them and other products, please click here.

Thank you for joining me. I hope that you are currently feeling creative and inspired in whatever you are doing.

~ Jen.

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