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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Give some encouragement with a paper mache heart!

Did you miss out on the last 'Snail Mail Surprise Challenge'? Well ... good news!
Everything is set and ready to launch! ‘Snail Mail Surprise #2’ is about to proceed.
For this ‘Snail Mail Surprise’ challenge, you are required to surprise someone that is a friend, particularly one that might be going through a tough time.
I’m very excited about this. This is NOT a competition or a giveaway, rather it is a way a way in which we can do something little, yet wonderful to encourage others – to simply show them that someone cares. I’m calling on you and others to join with me to help out.
It’s simple to join! Here are the steps:
  • ·         You can now visit the sign up page. To do so, please click here. There are limited places available.
  • ·         If you are successful, you will be sent one of the above Tupsy Turvy Designs mixed media decorations and tags (for free!).
  • ·         Use this pack to surprise a friend, particularly if they are going through a tough time. As an extra idea, you could team this pack with a cooked meal or a bunch of flowers, or any other idea.
  • ·         Take a photo of it – the pack with your gift, or the decoration and tag on your table as you are about to write in it, or as you put the pack in the letterbox, or any other idea. Please do not photograph any names or photograph the recipient as I will post these photos on social media.
  • ·         Send me your photo – either by email or post it on Instagram or on my Tupsy Turvy Designs Facebook page and tag me (@tupsyturvydesigns) and add the #ttdsnailmailsurprise2
  • ·         Please note: By sending in your photo to me you are giving me permission to use it on social media, my blog and newsletter.
  • ·         Make sure you complete all these steps by: 14th October 2016

I will participate in this challenge as well and will follow the above procedure. As a special surprise and as a random act of kindness, I will surprise one of the registered participants with a little gift from me.

You don’t necessarily need to live in Australia to register, as long as you receive post I will send you the pack (still for free) in order for you to participate. By registering, you are prepared to receive the pack and undertake the challenge.
Want to join in the fun? Click here to register.
Thanks for stopping by!

~ Jen.

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