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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Madeit seller - Michelle from 'The China Hutch'


For this month's Madeit seller feature, I am introducing Michelle, from 'The China Hutch'. Michelle makes the most gorgeous porcelain products that she hand paints. Grab a cuppa and enjoy reading about her products ...


Tell us a bit about 'The China Hutch' ...
My shop is called The China Hutch and I hand paint on white bone china or porcelain. I only use the best quality pieces to paint as there is such a lot of time and firing of each piece involved. First off I decide what I shall paint - unless it is a commission! It is a combination of my imagination, old pictures in books, especially things for young children or something that has caught my eye somewhere. Then I  sketch the design either straight onto the piece of china with a special pencil or onto paper and transfer it onto the china with graphite paper. Once that is done I use an old fashioned pen with a fine nib and the paint is the consistency of ink and ink over the pencil lines. Then fired in the kiln at 825C. Next I can start to apply the on glaze paints, and refire. Depending on the colours required, it can take a few trips to the kiln to keep applying the paint until the depth of colours has been reached. When the kiln reaches the high temperature the glaze on the piece melts and the paint sinks into the glaze so that once it is cold the glaze has re hardened and the paint is set into the glaze. 
What is a favourite item that you have created?

My favourite piece I think was a lovely Royal Doulton plate with a handle that I painted with Morning Glory, or it could have been the higeldy, pigeldy dutch village I painted on a long plate when we were living in Holland for nearly 7 years and I had a full time business there as my dutch was not good enough to work as a nurse on a neonatal intensive care unit. 

What is next? Do you have some new products or ideas planned?
I just paint what I like and think might sell or take on some commissions and try to do what that person wishes, I always send them a photo of the outline before I do the 1st fire to see if it is what they want.
Thank you Michelle for sharing with us about your Madeit shop and about your items.
To visit 'The China Hutch', please click here

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~ Jen.

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