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Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday Thoughts - Celebrating Firsts

I have had some new little ones join our group this term. It will be the last time that new little ones will join our group. It makes you appreciate how far the older children have travelled and grown since the beginning of the year. It also makes you appreciate how big this event is - starting a new place for the first time. It's such a milestone...

To celebrate this, I thought that I would devise a special certificate to commemorate this event. I took a photo of each of the little ones on their first day and embedded it into this certificate. I printed this out (using my colour printer to add colour) and laminated it. This certificate could then be added to fridges or photo albums at home. This is the certificate that I devised...

This idea could be used for children in your own family by creating a special certificate or page. A photo of the child on their first day of school or kindergarten could be added, as well as the place, teacher and date of the first day. You could quiz the child about their favourite moments of the day and add this special journaling to the page.

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