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Monday, 12 August 2013

Monday in the making

August is a busy month... Our family has a number of birthdays (as well as a few friends of ours) in August. This year I am determined to make handmade gifts for friends and family for such celebrations, hence August is proving to be a very busy month!

Besides that, I decided to make a spontaneous gift for a work colleague who has been going through a tough time. I had some inspiration for this headband a little while ago, but I decided to put my plans into action and make this for a gift. This is the result...

I wanted to create a stranded, crochet headband, embellished with a crochet flower. I am playing around with correct sizing, as this headband is designed for an adult head, however, I think this style of headband would also look sweet on a child. Something to work out...

I love the look of the three strands, coupled with the simplicity of the flower and bead. I was tempted to use a blend of colours, but quite like the whole headband in the same colour. I can't wait to try out more ideas...

On the list:
  • More gifts :)
  • Father's Day ideas
  • Playing around with these crochet ideas
Thanks for viewing!

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