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Monday, 18 August 2014

Monday in the Making

I love exploring different colour combinations. Lately, when I have found a colour combination I like, I make the paints up in bulk and use the same combination for a canvas, a set of cards and for some jewellery.

Well... it was time to discover a new colour combination and this time it uses a base of purple plum. I also decided that the first items I would make with this combination would be a set of pendants.

Here are just a few...

I made up the art work, attached it to my chosen buttons and have just added the glossy glaze. I will need to wait for it to cure before I add the hooks so that they can be attached to chains. My shipment of chains have just arrived so you will soon see these pendants (and the last set) added to my store. I have also got some lead and nickel free earring hooks on their way so that I can make some into earring sets.

To check out what is currently in store, click here.

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