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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

5 Top Reasons Why A Visit To The Op Shop Is OK

Ok ... I love it! I visit my local Op Shop weekly and I can't help but purchase a few goodies. If you have never visited one before, don't feel bad. Shake off any stigma and  embrace the treasure trove of delights in front of you, as those days are long gone.

There are many reasons, why shopping at an Op Shop is benefitial. I share my top five ...

#1 - Save Money
This one is HUGE! I have purchased new or near new clothing for a fraction of the price that you would pay in retail shops. Instead of buying one item for around $30, I can buy around six items. It is amazing value. Worried about their past? Simply throw them in the washing machine. At my local Op Shop, they have half price days for certain price tags, making it more of a bargain!

#2 - Find A Treasure
Ever heard of the saying, "Another man's rubbish is another man's treasure"? Well ... it is totally true. People get rid of the most amazing things which can in turn can be delightful to you.

One of my boys wanted a pair of footy boots. I just happened to find a pair, my son's size for a bargain of a price. All they needed was a little scrub. My other son desperately wanted a tie to wear (yes ... a little crazy, particularly when he doesn't like to wear his school uniform tie!). Guess where I found one? Yes ... the Op Shop! Even if his 'tie faze' is brief, it only cost me a couple of dollars.

#3 - Reduce Landfill
This is a good reason! People like to declutter their belongings now and then. When donated to an Op Shop, these items are then given another chance in the big, wide world rather than simply being dumped. They can be reused and recycled by someone - like me! My products are all made with at least some element of recycled material. The source? Yep ... the Op Shop! It's the place where I purchase material, threads, books and picture frames, sparing these items from life at the dump. Not only do I save money on my craft supplies, but I also do a little part in saving the environment.

A word of warning though ... don't let that item sit on the Op Shop shelf as these items also have a limited time span. Unfortunately, if they are not snapped up, they too will be discarded at the dump after a number of weeks.

#4 - Inspires Creativity
Oh, yes! Clothes that are purchased can be layered with others to create your own individual style or they can be altered to create a totally new look. I often purchase materials or items that are then transformed into new items with some tweeking. Earrings are used as pendant bases, book pages have paint splattered on them to create bases for artworks, photo frames become embroidery frames ... the list continues. Search the internet and examples of clever crafters appear with beautiful and creative designs that use recycled doilies, tea towels, clothing, cups and saucers, etc.

#5 - Support Charity
When I walk out the Op Shop door with my bundle of treasures, I walk out happily ... not only because I have scored a bargain or have found something special, but simply because I have helped someone out. The money that is paid for purchases at a charity organised Op Shop, supports their work in helping others. I find this the easiest way to support charities.

Added to the above list ... visiting an Op Shop is fun as it is totally unpredictable! You never know what you will find.

Thanks for stopping by. I would love to know your favourite item that you found in an Op Shop.

Have fun shopping!

~ Jen.

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