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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A photo, a rabbit and perspective

Do you have a favourite photo? I do ... it happens to be a photo of my dog that was taken quite a few years ago. Here it is ...

I love how he is looking up at me with his expressive face. He seems to have a look of 'demand' - I want you to play with me, I want you to take me for a walk, I want a treat ... the list continues.

The opportunity arose to design a fabric and paint art work for a dear, little girl that had experienced a tough time of late. The result is similar to the above photo ... take a look ...

The little girl loves rabbits, so once again I made the motif a rabbit. I thought I would change the perspective of the rabbit, compared to the earlier rabbit design, this one looks as though it is looking up you. I ended up creating two of the same design. The first one I made had white highlights around the ears and on the feet and it was the design that I ended up giving to the little girl I had in mind (photos are available for viewing on my Instagram feed. Click here.) This one has dark brown highlights and this one is currently in the Etsy store (Click here to view).

Which one do you like the best?

Thank you for viewing!

~ Jen.

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