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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - Warmth

I have been craving it for a while now... No, not chocolate, not a bike ride... not even extra craft time! The basis of my craving is... warmth!

Believe it or not, it is Summer here in Australia, however the weather that we have been experiencing in the 'deep south' has been more reminiscent of Autumn/Winter rather than the sunniest and hottest season of the year. Clouds, wind and showers have been the order of the day rather than golden sunshine. I mustn't complain too much, though, as often our wide, brown land can experience devastating drought and we end up gazing longingly at the sky for rain...

During our holiday time and visiting family, Mr T and I had a firm reminder of how hot the sun can be with 40 oC days at a couple of abodes. Glancing at the weather forecast for the weather here, it looks like I won't need to wait too much longer for the sun to come out and play...

Hence my focus for the week is... warmth, displaying items that explore reds, yellows and oranges...

Vintage doily brooch by 'Sunshine Adore'

Anything that incorporates up-cycled items attracts my attention. I love how a beautiful embroidered doily has been transformed into a brooch. I also love the yellows, oranges and reds that are displayed.

Pack of 10 Sun stickers by 'Totally Innocent'

How cute are these stickers? I love the simple but cute facial features on these suns and the gorgeous variety of sunny colours. These stickers would make a lovely addition to party favour bags for any Summer party (they are also on sale at the moment!).

African sunset earrings by 'Art from Wonderland'

What gorgeous, wearable Art! These earrings depict an African sunset with a beautiful silhouette of a tree and an elephant. Lovely and unique! These earrings would be perfect for any lady that has been captivated by Africa and its beauty.

I hope the sun is smiling pleasantly on you wherever you are!

Thanks for viewing :)

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