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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - Decorating

It has been a wonderful break, however, it is back to reality and back to my full time work. I have enjoyed sunshine, long bike rides and catch ups with family.. complete with sleep in...

 This week has seen me heading back to work for longer stints in order to organise the work space for the upcoming year. One of my favourite activities is decorating the workspace. I spent some time (and some money) this morning buying a rug, chair, storage containers, table cloths to create particular play spaces, to ensure that items are tidy and accessible and to make the room inviting. Hence my inspiration for this week is... decorating!

Macrame pot holder by 'The Coloured Knot'

What a decorative and useful item! I love the colour and I love the way that this item is carefully knotted to create this lovely hanger. A nice touch to a home...

Jewellery stand by 'Domum Vindemia'

What a beautiful object! A beautiful item to hold jewellery that is made out of up-cycled items. I love the vintage feel. Gorgeous!

Wooden bunting by 'Simply Type'

Such gorgeous bunting to decorate a wall around the house! I love the simplicity of this bunting, comprising of natural wood and simple lettering. Wonderful!

Do you feel an urge to change some decorations in your house?
Thanks for viewing!

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