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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - Cool

Last Wednesday I wrote a blog post about craving warm, sunny weather... Well, let's just say that I have warmth now in abundance, in fact, maybe a little too much warmth. As I am typing, the temperature read out on my phone states that it is 41.5oC, a little higher than what was forecast for today. The next few days are going to be exactly the same. We live in a lovely, stone home (no airconditioning) that stays cool for a little while, but I gather, by the end of this heatwave, the house would have warmed up considerably.

However, that is the land where I live and I am very grateful for the beauty and peace that it brings. At times, this land experiences scorching heat, but can also have snow on the mountains. It has dry heat down south, whereas up north it is more humid. Sometimes it rains and rains, however at times, rain is sparse.

I suppose that is why I enjoy living in this area. It may experience some pretty cold and wet winters, however, the summer sun is usually not intense. A little coolness would be nice, though...

Hence, this week's inspiration is... cool, using colours that reflect this notion (blue, purple, green)...

Bracelet by 'Escape Jewellery'

This bracelet is gorgeous! Just looking at it reminds me of a tropical beach as the gemstones remind me of the beautiful aqua water. A lovely colour combination, highlighted by the sterling silver.

Crochet Flower Headband by 'Fibre Frenz'

What a sweet headband! I love crochet and I love how the different green tones all work together to create a gorgeous flower headband. A sweet apple button embellishment, as well. Beautiful!

Dyed Wood Bracelet by 'Gumdrop and Drift'

What a unique accessory! I love the hue of blue of these beads. They remind me of cool water drops. Lovely!

Are you feeling cooler?
Thanks for viewing!

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