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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weekend Wonders - Inspirational and crafty

What a contrast in weather! Last weekend it was sweltering hot and this weekend has been much cooler with some showers of rain. I know that there are areas of Australia that are in flood, whereas where we are, it would be nice to have a heavy shower of rain to top up our water tanks.

I was able to spend some time today to sit down and do some craft. I made a Jellybean Buddy set (I will show photos tomorrow) and I have worked out the final details of cushion #1 of my train series. I can't wait to start to cut out the felt and make some progress on that project! That will be this week's project.

It is funny what inspires designs. Mr T had the 'V8 Supercar Clipsal 500' race on the TV over the weekend. I don't usually spend a lot of time watching TV these days, but it was on when we sat down briefly for a bite to eat. As I watched, another design for a cushion popped into my head...another one for the boys! I will draw a quick sketch, but I think it might need to be put away for a little while, at least until I have finished my train cushion series.

Whatever you were up to this weekend, I hope that it was restful and enjoyable!

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