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Monday, 31 December 2012

Monday in the making

Firstly, Happy New Year to all of my followers and friends! I pray that this coming year finds you well, happy and full of inspiration...

...It has been a little quiet here, as I spent Christmas (and time beforehand) celebrating with family. It was such a lovely time - catching up with siblings, relatives and little ones that I haven't caught up with in a little while. So special! For us, it means quite a bit of travelling, but it is so worth it.

I tried to provide each of our loved ones with a handmade gift, whether made by me or another crafty person, hence the lead up to Christmas was rather busy. However, a goal for 2013, is to be more organised so that I am not leaving 'gift making' to the last minute. Handmade gifts take longer to create as they are personal and made with love and care - factoring in the time into a busy schedule is challenging, but I feel that this is an important area I can work on next year. A blog post that has inspired me to create more handmade gifts for my loved ones and friends, is one written by Pamela of 'Majorie Handmade'. You can read it here.

As work has finished for a Summer break, I thought that I would squeeze in 'creativity time' over the festive season, however, family time and enjoying the sunshine took over. It was great to have a total break - it refreshes and rejuvenates. Since being back home though, I have reopened my 'Madeit store' and have started the blogging routine once again. I have also started with some plans and designs that I am now itching to get into. Hopefully I can show you some goodies soon!

On my list at the moment:
  • Adding some more items to my store and creating some new releases.
I'll see you in the New Year!

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