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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Weekend Wonders

Oohh...excitement is mounting...

...holiday time is looming quite quickly. Despite the excitement that it brings, there is a lot to do before we go away for a break. I have been working on family presents. I also have been gathering little goodies together to surprise little ones (and bigger ones) at work.

It was our Bible study group's Christmas breakup yesterday and I made up little pudding truffles as gifts to give to members. I also spent time on the weekend searching for just the right fabric for a special Kriskringle gift...(now to make that one up). Hence, there has been a lot of searching, cooking and wrapping happening this weekend.

There was quite a large craft market in our city today and I enjoyed spending an hour or so looking around, buying some handmade goodies for loved ones. Markets are wonderful places as you get to view lots of lovely items and you are able to talk directly to the creator and designer - so personal! A few of the stall holders noticed that I brought my 'Christmas gift list' along with me and they asked who I was buying for. The ladies on my list were the easiest to find gifts for (or to match them with a Tupsy Turvy Design product), however, it was so difficult to find anything for the guys. The stall holders admitted that they didn't have anything available and that they too, find it difficult to produce items for men. Maybe that can be a goal of mine...

Anyway, I hope that you have a lovely week :)

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