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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Christmas Trees

I am starting to get a little excited...

...I love the festivities of Christmas, in particular the smell of pine trees. We have had a number of 'real' Christmas trees placed along the driveway at work and near the office and library areas. Every time I walk past, I get a delicate whiff of pine. There is nothing like the smell of a real Christmas tree. It takes me back to my childhood, where, in my home town, there was an annual Christmas Tree Festival. Different schools and organisations around town would decorate a tree and prizes were awarded for different categories. I used to love attending this festival, admire the beautifully crafted decorations and find out who were the 'winners' in each category. As soon as you stepped into the room where the festival was held, you would smell the fresh smell of pine. For me, it signalled Christmas. Hence, my inspiration for the week...Christmas Trees...

Christmas Tree Decoration by 'Addicted to Buttons'

I can quite understand this crafter's addiction to buttons. I love the colours and the designs that these little items have and they can add a special embellishment to lots of items. This is a great use of buttons - moulded together to make a tree decoration. I love the uniqueness of this item.

Christmas Tree hair clip by 'Frizzle Tree'

Here is a Christmas tree with a difference! This cleverly worked item is a Christmas tree hairclip made with folds of ribbon with a cute little embellishment on the top. Wonderful for a little girl to wear on the big day.

Christmas Tree Pendant Necklace by 'Lace Metal'

I love the simplicity of this design. Gradually increasing rings on each row, linked together to form the shape of a Christmas tree. It makes a stunning necklace!

Christmas Tree gift tags by 'Jacibean Designs'

Continuing with the circular theme are these gorgeous gift tags. A similar idea, however, instead of rings, circles are used. I particularly like how the green hue is used in every circle, but used in various patterns. I lovely way to jazz up a special gift.

I hope that this inspires you!

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