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Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday in the making

I am loving up-cycling. I think it is because I love checking out various sources to find goodies to up-cycle. It is now getting to a stage (much to Mr T's delight) that I am visiting my sources every weekend to find out if there is something new. I also love that each item I find is unique... I go often, because there is a chance that it won't be there for long. I rejoice when I have little 'finds'. I then love the creative process - working out the character of the piece and developing it into a new item...

It has definitely been the case with these items. I found the scarf quite a while ago and used pieces of it to make fabric flowers. I then found the blue/green flower brooch. Immediately, I thought of an idea to merge the scarf and the brooch together. This is the result... a knotty, short necklace. Both of these items lent themselves to a thicker, short necklace, maybe to jazz up a plain outfit (eg. a little, black dress). I wanted the feature brooch to be slightly to one side. I also wanted to create a stranded, distressed, shabby chic look with the scarf, to add texture. This item is ready to be listed in my store... a little nervous as this is something entirely different from the items that I have made...

Thanks for viewing!

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