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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Thursday Inspiration - Pirates

I love working with little ones. I love using their imagination and their willingness to have fun. Maybe it appeals to my creative side. I remember times spent with my little brother (and our dog) outside, on our play gym set, pretending we were on a boat (or other vehicle) and having some, imaginative adventure. We would be in the midst of this creative whirlwind for what seemed like hours. Good times...

During the week, we read the story 'If I had a pirate suit' by Pamela Allen. This is a wonderful story about a pair of brothers and how one had a pirate suit and controlled the imaginative play whilst the younger was the 'crew'. Hmm... as the older child, I do remember times when I controlled the games that my brother and I played. Using newspaper, the children and I made up our own pirate hats and we did some creative writing about what we would do if we were pirates. Hence my inspiration for this week are...pirates!

Pirate Hat by 'Schooza'

Every prospective pirate needs a pirate hat. This one is gorgeous. I love the style and shape of it. A great gift for little boys...

Pirate Handmade Doll by 'Mama Luvs Me'

Pirates are rather nasty, however, this little pirate doll is absolutely cute. I love his pirate attire - the detailed hat, his embellished shorts, stripey socks and eye patch. Obviously lovingly crafted...

 Pirate Island Play Mat by 'Creative Wishes'

What a super idea -  An island to stimulate creative play! I love the detail - whates in the sea, footsteps leading to treasure and fierce creatures in the jungle. I can imagine lots of toy boats sailing across this sea and pirates trudging along the island to find the treasure.

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