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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Glitter

It must be getting closer to Christmas. We are finishing off units of work, preparing the new children for their transitions - ready for next year and we are beginning to clean, sort and tidy. This isn't actually 'Christmas' - more the add on, 'busyness' that occurs as we hurtle towards the end of year. Rather, I love the activities that focus on the birth of Christ and the miraculous and amazing events of this account and I love the myriad of crafts that reflect Christmas. 

Today I opened the tube...the tube of glitter paint. Christmas crafts (especially fit for children) seem to necessitate glitter to be amongst the materials required. Despite my enthusiasm for Christmas craft, I cannot bring myself to place glitter into the hands of young children. No matter how well supervised the activity is, glitter ends up from one end of the room to the other. Cleaning up poses another problem. When wiping up the remainder of the glitter, specks of glitter remain fixed in the sponge, ready to decorate further tables and items. Despite thorough washing after the cleanup, specks of glitter end up radiating their light on various body parts - hands, hair and face...especially when meeting others in public. Glitter is not a simple ingredient.

Yes, I used to shudder when Christmases approached and the date to open the glitter jar was due. That was until I stumbled upon glitter paint! This product allows the shine and sparkle of glitter, without the need to sprinkle, as the specks of glitter are already suspended in gluey paint. This reduces the amount of mess and cleaning up is a mere wipe (still with a little caution so that the specks do not adhere to anything else). Glitter is slowly being embraced... and it is also the inspiration for this week...

Wooden Studs by 'WinkelKo'

These are so sweet! I love the simple circles of wood with the hint of sparkle with the glitter layer. This pair of earrings would make a unique accessory or gift.

Resin Sphere Necklace by 'URBAN Handmade'

This pendant looks amazing! I love that this pendant looks like a little ball of glitter. This item of jewellery would add some sparkle to any outfit...

Heart Garland by 'Misiu'

This garland would add some decorative sparkle. I love the gold, glittery hearts all strung up together. This garland could be used for a variety of occassions, not just for Christmas. Lovely...

What is your favourite, glittery item?
Thanks for viewing!

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