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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Cats

I love dogs! I love the way our little dog shows such enjoyment when we walk in through the door after being away for a while. I love taking him for a walk, something that he also enjoys. I love his little personality and the way that he picks up on routines amazingly quickly. I love the way that he jumps up on my lap and snuggles down for a sleep, especially when he wants attention. Mind you, he does have some little quirks that annoy us too - all part of his little personality.

I did have a cat when I was growing up and I loved her to bits. Her name was 'Susie'. She was a fluffy tabby and she was such a gentle little girl. After she passed away, we did have a couple of other cats, but they were no way near as friendly and loving as 'Susie'. Mr T is not a big fan of cats. He is willing to interact with the pet cats of others, however, he is very much a dog person and there is no way that we would have one as a pet. Therefore, I have moved away from being a cat person and have become more of a dog person.

This week at work we focused on Pamela Allen's book 'Hetty's Day Out'. This is a story of a cat that goes out visiting different families and neighbours and is given so much food that she has trouble getting back through the cat flap. I used this story as a creative writing springboard with my littlies. We thought of an animal character, different foods it could eat and different places it could visit. We then thought of a problem that could occur and how that problem could be solved. After drafting our stories, we then made up little books to 'publish' our stories, Hence with all this fun and focus on cats, this week's inspiration is...cats!

Girls Novelty Bag by 'Pinwheels'

How cute is this bag? I love the tabby stripes that it has on its body. I love the cute smiley face and starry eyes. A gorgeous, little accessory for a little girl.

Wooden Cat Earrings by 'Once Upon A Tree'

How beautiful! I love the simplicity of these items - a simple cat figure cut into wooden discs. I love the way that this creation uses the natural beauty and features of the wood. Stunning...

Cat Coin Purse by 'Junction Road'

What a sweet, little purse! I would love to put a few coins in this sweet creation. I love the pink dotty fabric. I love the traditional, shape and size of this purse and its closure. I love the cute, kitty motif with her pink and white party dress. Lovely...

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